Problem Busters
Problem Busters
Nov 14, 2020
Left-handed champ with Sophia and Earl Wilson
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Author Sophia Wilson and Illustrator Earl Wilson help the Problem Busters see the world through the eyes of a little left-handed boy in a right-handed world. We discuss differences including handedness, race and gender and are inspired by how Sophia helped her son overcome his challenges.

This discussion turns to parenting more generally, to how society's views of left-handedness have changed in the last hundred years since Ollie's grandmother was at school as a leftie in London.

Problem Busters podcast is about highlighting people solving problems and this episode soon turns from left-handedness to discuss race and equality. The team then move on to how Sophia's journey with the book has given her the chance to share so much with so many parents and to help them with their parenting of their little superheroes.

Left-handed champ is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated story about a boy named Callum who overcomes challenges and achieves his dreams by using his imagination and belief that he has a superpower. This book is a perfect blend of teaching self belief and helping children to be familiar with the difference between their left hand and right hand while having fun. Families can use this book as a tool to build self esteem in children and it is a great book that can be used by teachers to explore culture and diversity within classrooms.

About the show:

Problem Busters is a show that explores solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss making the world a better place with guests from far and wide.

About our guests:

Sophia Wilson is a writer, mum and author of Left-handed champ and other stories. Sophia lives in London UK with her left-handed son Callum. Earl Wilson is an illustrator and works with children to help them express themselves through art and creativity. Earl also lives in London UK.

Show mentions:

  • Book - Left-handed champ by Sophia Wilson and Earl Wilson
  • Left-handedness
  • vogue magazine
  • 6:40 left-handed child felt the difference
  • 07:35, 09:00 bed time stories
  • 09:30 working with kids
  • 10:40 being special and not feeling different
  • 10:55 people don't realise but being left handed can get connotations
  • 12:20 a mother with 3 left handed children
  • left-handed champ
  • 13:00 experiences of being a left-handed person
  • 14:35 left handed needs overlooked in class
  • 15:30 the unsung kids <------
  • 16:15 the relevance of the book - championing children with challenges
  • 17:00 the book is touching children with autism
  • SEN special educational needs children
  • samsung art classes
  • 19:30 we want differences
  • clint eastwood
  • finding nemo
  • 21:00 books with black children were not around at 5yo <-----
  • black panther
  • falcon movie
  • BLM black lives matter
  • autism in children
  • powerman
  • black lightning
  • 24:00 diversity in character races
  • 24:30 the main character looked like me
  • 26:30 if stuck and facing a challenge, use imagination
  • 27:20 a book through a child's perspective
  • 30:15, 31:35 true story about the table tennis
  • raising dion tv show
  • static shock
  • superman
  • 45:20 kids in art space and reading spaces are best of friends
  • 47:00 what would you say to people who feel different?


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