The Premed Years
The Premed Years
Jan 13, 2021
425: Q&A Session about the Medical School Application Cycle
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In this Q&A, Dr. Gray answers questions about the med school application. Want to work with Dr. Gray in the upcoming cycle? Check out!


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The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement

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Pharmacy Podcast Network
Pharmacy Podcast Network
Todd S. Eury
Innovative Clinical-based Technology in the Hands of the Pharmacist | FDS
Special Guest:Jason Ausili, Chief Clinical Officer at FDS. Jason Ausili, Pharm.D., is the Chief Clinical Officer at FDS, Inc., where he’s focused on delivering innovative clinical-based technology solutions that help mobilize pharmacists as care providers and practice at the top of their license. Jason received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Butler University in 2002 and has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of areas within the industry. He’s held a variety of roles across the spectrum of community pharmacy and throughout his career has stayed centered on his aim to expand the scope of pharmacy practice, improve healthcare quality performance, and ensure pharmacists receive equitable payment for clinical services and improving patient outcomes. Prior to coming to FDS in 2017, Jason spent the previous two years at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, a non-profit trade association, as the Director of Pharmacy Affairs. He has served on a number of pharmacy industry work groups over the years and has been actively involved with various professional organizations.   Background: In August 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Assistant Secretary for Health, issued guidance under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) to expand access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines when they are made available. This guidance authorizes state-licensed pharmacists to order and administer, and state-licensed or registered pharmacy interns acting under the supervision of the qualified pharmacist to administer, COVID-19 vaccinations to persons ages 3 or older, subject to certain requirements. In addition, President Biden has clearly stated his intention to make vaccinations available in all pharmacies across the country and just this week the federal government stated it plans to ship Covid-19 vaccines to retail pharmacies starting February 11th.   Challenges: Billing for a medical benefit is a new phenomenon for many community pharmacists. How can they align and integrate their current pharmacy management systems with expanded medical billing requirements? How will pharmacy’s align with patient vaccination registries to ensure automated reporting to state registries for reportable vaccine events? Solutions:  Pharmacists need to operate at the top of their licenses. They need to be able to integrate vaccination clinical documentation into their existing patient profiles. And will need to also provide efficient patient scheduling and an optimal patient experience. About FDS, Inc.: FDS strengthens the health of pharmacies and their patients. We empower community pharmacies to build the clinically focused New Era Pharmacy, enabling their business to thrive now and successfully transition to a provider of community and population health through data insights, purpose-built technology solutions, and clinical services enablement. Read more about FDS at FDS recently merged with Amplicare, a leading business intelligence and decision-automation platform in the pharmacy and healthcare industry. Designed by pharmacists for pharmacists, the platform is engineered with a big data approach. Amplicare's proprietary technology collects, analyzes, and leverages consumer, patient, clinical, and industry-level informatics to empower providers to proactively take informed actions that improve patient care and clinical outcomes.  With thousands of pharmacy subscribers, Amplicare delivers an unrivaled platform that increases patient retention, improves performance measures, grows and diversifies revenue streams, and enables providers to communicate with their patients more easily than ever before. Read more about Amplicare at See for privacy information.
25 min
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support Podcast – 15 Tips to Thrive in 2021!
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support Podcast - 15 Tips to Thrive in 2021. This podcast is an audio companion to the book "The Drummer and the Great Mountain - A Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD." In this episode, we'll discuss the "15 Tips to Thrive in 2021" as a hunter-type. 2020 was a rough year for many of us. It's time for a reboot. We'll review 15 tips that will make you healthier and more productive entering the new year. Topics include: building a solid health routine, time management, life visioning, mindfulness, and creating effective support systems.  Links Mentioned in this Episode: Alive! Online Workshop - Jan 2021 Strathmore 400 Sketchbook Episode 70 - Lean on Your Strengths Episode 62 - Sleep Episode 64 - Mastering Overwhelming and Mundane Tasks Episode 77 - Sprint then Rest Episode 54 - "Containerizing" Your Life through Mind Mapping and Other Tools Episode 71 - Mindfulness Episode 74 - Meditation  Episode 68 - Gratitude Practice Episode 65 - Journaling for Clarity   Don't see a player? Click this link to download the MP3 file. If you have an Apple device (iPhone/iPad), you can download the podcast (and subscribe) for free at this link: Visit the podcast web page to listen to all 80 episodes: If you're enjoying the music on our podcast, be sure to visit Bahman's website to hear his entire catalog of albums! Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash For more info, visit:
44 min
The Podcast by KevinMD
The Podcast by KevinMD
Kevin Pho, MD
Interstate licensure for telehealth can fuel medical practice growth
"When it comes to using telehealth to treat patients out of state, most physicians are mindful about licensure issues. But some are not aware that if you don’t have a license to practice medicine in a given state, it isn’t just malpractice: It’s a criminal offense. Licensing restrictions have been eased to facilitate care during the pandemic, and the new normal of greater state-to-state cooperation for access to care may persist after the pandemic. Still, the savvy physician knows that many restrictions apply and that understanding them reduces risk. When we talk about interstate licensure, we’re not concerned with a one-time interaction with an established patient who happens to be traveling. For instance, say a physician has recently seen a patient, perhaps performed a procedure. Thereafter, the patient calls the physician with a question or a problem from another state while traveling. In such a case, the physician can simply address the patient’s concerns, whether that’s by a phone conversation, a telemedicine visit, a recommendation to go to the emergency room where they are, or whatever is appropriate, according to their best clinical judgment. That’s just practicing good medicine." David L. Feldman is chief medical officer, The Doctors Company. He shares his story and discusses the KevinMD article, "Interstate licensure for telehealth can fuel medical practice growth." (
14 min
ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka
ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka
Tracy Otsuka
EP. 112: ADHD, Working Memory, Hip-hop and STEM with Raven the Science Maven
In this episode of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, Tracy introduces you to Raven Baxter. Raven is also known as Raven the Science Maven, she is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed science communicator, educator and molecular biologist who is working to share science and champion for inclusivity and diversity in STEM. Raven is also the founder of Science Haven, a non-profit organization that operates at the intersections of science, education, and the public. Science Haven houses STEMbassy, a live web series that connects the public with science and technology professionals, and Black In Science Communication, a group that works to build relationships in the science community, equipping others with the knowledge and resources necessary to share science with the world in their own flavor. Raven is an entertainer and content creator known for her unique style of combining science and hip hop music that teaches and empowers those in STEM and beyond. She has recently been featured in Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 List of the most influential young leaders for the year, BuzzFeed News, Mother Jones Magazine, on the mayor of Buffalo’s social media accounts trying to convince teenagers to stay home in the age of Covid; and of course, she has her own TedX Talk. Raven shares: * The circumstances surrounding both her ADHD diagnoses * The tweet that she shared regarding her struggle to memorize even small snippets of text * What has changed since her last diagnosis * Why she started her science rap music videos * What she thinks the key to living successfully with ADHD is ADHD brains work so that they too may discover their amazing strengths. And your reviews really help in that regard. Resources: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: 5 Days to Fall in Love with Your ADHD Brain:
29 min
The Faster Than Normal Podcast: ADD | ADHD | Health
The Faster Than Normal Podcast: ADD | ADHD | Health
Peter Shankman
Girls, Women and ADHD w/ Researcher, Professor Esme Fuller-Thompson
Professor Esme Fuller-Thomson is cross-appointed to the Faculties of Social Work, Medicine and Nursing at the University of Toronto. She is also Director of the Institute for Life Course & Aging. She has published more than 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and Cancer. Her research examines ADHD and mental health, the association between early adversities and adult physical and health outcomes, and disparities in health. Her work has widely cited in the media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and CNN. We’re talking about why the number of Women with ADHD are underreported, about the dark side of ADHD, depression, how to lookout for warning signs in your child, and strategies for making a positive difference. Enjoy- ***CORONA VIRUS EDITION*** In this episode Peter & Dr. Fullerton-Thompson discuss: 1:12- Intro and welcome Esme!! 1:53- Is it true that there is a big difference between males with ADHD and females with ADHD? Ref: (requires log-in) 3:07: Ref: More Play, Less Problems?? Episode with Dr. Debbie Rhea. LINK Project 3:10- How ADHD is looked at differently between males vs females and how they act and react with it? 5:38- Without strategies to manage your ADHD things can go terribly wrong; women with ADHD have substantially higher odds for things to go wrong than men. How do we address this from early-on in a child’s life? 9:00- On the need of structure and how it’s a key component of managing your ADHD 10:15- Ref article: The Dark Side of ADHD: Factors Associated With Suicide Attempts Among Those With ADHD in a National Representative Canadian Sample 11:45- As numbers of suicide are higher than before, what can parents, teachers, doctors do to be aware/on the lookout for signs, and how to move forward once diagnosed? 13:14- On addiction and depression. 15:18- Ref: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Impulse Control 16:35- Dr. Thompson, how can people find more of your studies of your research? Just type in Fuller-Thompson + ADHD, HERE on Google Scholar, or via 17:40- Thank you Dr. Fullerton-Thompson! And thank YOU for subscribing, reviewing and listening. Your reviews are working! Even if you’ve reviewed us before, would you please write even a short one for this episode? Each review that you post helps to ensure that word will continue to spread, and that we will all be able to reach & help more people! You can always reach me via or @petershankman on all of the socials. You can also find us at @FasterThanNormal on all of the socials. 18:02- Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits! As always, leave us a comment below and please drop us a review on iTunes and of course, subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already! As you know, the more reviews we get, the more people we can reach. Help us to show the world that ADHD is a gift, not a curse! Do you know of anyone you think should be on the FTN podcast? Shoot us a note, we’d love to hear! TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone, happy day, Peter Shankman here, welcome to another episode of Faster Than Normal, I'm thrilled that you're here, as I always am. We are going to touch on a subject today, we're going to talk about ADHD, um, it's not as happy-go-lucky as my normal episodes, but that's okay because sometimes they can't all be happy-go-lucky., and sometimes you’ve got to talk about stuff that is, um, a little disturbing to sort of get along and to make sure that people understand all aspects of ADHD, I highlight the good points all the time. But you know, it's, there are times where they're not so good, and I think we all know that, and so I am thrilled today to be talking to Professor Esme Fuller Thompson. Um, she's cross-appointed to the faculties of social work medicine and nursing at the University of Toronto, and she's also Director of the Institute for Life Course & Aging. She's published more than 150 articles in peer reviewed journals, including New England Journal of Medicine, at The Lancet and Cancer, her research…. examines ADHD and mental health, the association between early adversities and adult physical and health outcomes and disparities in health. She's been quoted in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, CNN… whole bunch of others. And I'm, I'm, I'm really, I'm honored that you took the time to come in today professor. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me, I'm delighted to be here. So what I found... you, because there was an interesting article, um, that came to my attention and I think,, there were a couple of them. One of them was in child health care, uh, development, and that was attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, casts a long shadow findings from a population based study of adult women with self-reported ADHD. We don't talk about gender breakdowns that much, um, I, I think no one does really…. does, um, in the ADHD/ADD world, but there is a big difference between, uh, males with ADHD and females with ADHD. Well, I think women with ADHD tend to be under the radar screen. Most teachers and health professionals are not really thinking about women and ADHD, and you may present a little bit different, uh, in a different way, so the majority of people with an ADHD diagnosis are males, and for sure it is higher in the... among men, but I think because women often present more, um, distractible rather than the hyperactive, they're… they really don't get noticed enough, and our research is indicating that the women with the diagnosis of ADHD are quite vulnerable with respect to a variety of mental health concerns. Yeah, I, and I believe that, you know, we had a professor [Episode with Dr. Debbie Rhea] from the University of Texas on the podcast who, uh, spent a semester in a junior high school, um, giving I think elementary school or a junior high school, can’t remember which one, giving, um, they changed the, the workout schedule, the recess schedule from 20 minutes a day to 60 minutes a day. And they changed the lunch, the lunch, uh, options from, uh, primarily carb-based to primarily protein based, and they saw a drastic, not only decrease in ADHD outbursts from boys, but addressing increase in, um, girls who were willing to participate in class. And that, that struck me, that's always stuck with me, you know, we don't, we don't look at ADHD as the same thing. And, and there are a lot of differences between... between male and female, boys and girls and how they, and how they act and react with it. Absolutely. So, I mean, there's two things. One possibility is that women with ADHD are doing more or doing less well, which is what our data seems to indicate, but it could also be that if anybody, there's a whole spectrum to ADHD, like there's a spectrum to everything… and it might be that the, only the women who are at the far, far upper end of the spectrum with the most symptoms, are the people that are being actually diagnosed. So these negative outcomes may be more true for men who are at the upper end, but it's just that men along the whole spectrum may have been diagnosed. Um, the other piece of what you raised that… isn't particularly, um, from my data, but other research exercise, is so key exercise structure, organization, it just makes life more livable for sure, for people who have, um, impulse control issues and, and, and disorganization, personal coaches, there's all kinds of positive things that can really make a difference because I think these mental health outcomes that we're looking at, are partly because there's a cascade of negative, um, outcomes, relationships, uh, income, uh, that all of these things, if you can't get yourself completely organized. So, um, being physically active, having lots of structure, having some, maybe so…
19 min
ADHD Support Talk Radio
ADHD Support Talk Radio
ADHD Support Talk - Tara McGillicuddy
Shame: the Kryptonite for ADHD Motivation
Lynne Edris and Dr. Sharon Saline to discuss how shame affects motivation for adults living with ADHD and what you can do about it. They discuss the components of motivation and what folks can do to get started on projects and reduce procrastination. You'll learn how the shame about challenges of living with ADHD limits productivity, and what you can do to improve your sense of self-worth. Sharon Saline, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and author of the award-winning book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life and The ADHD solution card deck specializes in working with kids, young adults and families living with ADHD, learning disabilities and mental health issues. Her unique perspective - as a sibling in an ADHD home, combined with decades of experience as a clinical psychologist and educator/clinician consultant - assists her in guiding families and adults towards effective communication and closer connections. She lectures and facilitates workshops internationally on topics such as understanding ADHD, executive functioning, anxiety, different kinds of learners and the teen brain. Dr. Saline is a regular contributor to and, a featured expert on MASS Appeal on WWLP-TV and a part-time lecturer at the Smith School for Social Work. Learn more at . Podcast Co-Host Lynne Edris helps distracted professionals overcome overwhelm by reducing procrastination and improving time management so they have more time, more energy, and more money for what they love most! As a woman with ADHD herself, she has been where her clients are and come out the other side, so to speak. She’s gone from living in a constant state of chaos and under-performance to a life full of success and fulfillment! Learn more about Lynne at, and text keyword “HACK” to 33777 to get her 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks for unfocused professionals! ADHD Support Talk Radio is an award winning Podcast for Adults with ADD / ADHD. Co-hosts Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edris are joined by Adult ADHD experts and they cover important topics related to Adult ADD / ADHD. Podcast guests include Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, Dr. Ari Tuckman, Laurie Dupar, Terry Matlen and many more. Tara McGillicuddy is the Producer, Owner and Co-host of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast. You may contact Tara with general questions or feedback about the podcast. Lynne Edris is the Co-host of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast. You may contact Lynne with feedback about her episodes or if you are interested in having her interview you as a guest.
38 min
Beekeeping Today Podcast
Beekeeping Today Podcast
Jeff Ott, Kim Flottum
Steven Coy - APHIS and Chinese Tallow (S3, E39)
Steven Coy, Executive Board Member of American Honey Producers Association (AHPA) returns to the podcast. This time, he discusses the USDA-APHIS call for comments on the elimination of the Chinese Tallow Tree and the impact the elimination of this tree could have on honey producers from Texas to Florida. PLEASE NOTE: At the time of the podcast recording, the published comment period ended on Feb. 22. It has been extended to April 23. You have another 60 days to comment, but please do if the issue is critical to you. Also on the show, Jim Tew stops by to talk about Honey Bee Obscura, the new weekly beekeeping podcast he and Kim host. Links and websites mentioned in this podcast: * American Honey Producers, Chinese Tallow & APHIS - * APHIS Request for Comments on Chinese Tallow Tree Elimination - * Honey Bee Obscura Podcast - * WAS Mini Conference -"Bee Gut Microbiome" - ______________ Thanks to Strong Microbials for their support of Beekeeping Today Podcast. Find out more about heir line of probiotics in our Season 3, Episode 12 episode and from their website: This episode is brought to you by Global Patties! Global Patties is a family business that manufactures protein supplement patties for honey bees. Feeding your hives protein supplement patties will help ensure that they produce strong and health colonies by increasing brood production and overall honey flow. Global offers a variety of standard patties, as well as custom patties to meet your specific needs. Visit them today at and let them know you appreciate them sponsoring this episode! We want to also thank 2 Million Blossoms as a sponsor of the podcast. 2 Million Blossoms is a quarterly magazine destined for your coffee table. Each page of the magazine is dedicated to the stories and photos of all pollinators and written by leading researchers, photographers and our very own, Kim Flottum. _______________ We hope you enjoy this podcast and welcome your questions and comments: Thanks to Bee Culture, the Magazine of American Beekeeping, for their support of The Beekeeping Today Podcast. Available in print and digital at Thank you for listening! Podcast music: Young Presidents, "Be Strong", Musicalman, "Epilogue" Beekeeping Today Podcast is an audio production of Growing Planet Media, LLC
35 min
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