Pilates Elephants
Pilates Elephants
Jan 10, 2021
17. Perfectionism and ImposTER syndrome
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The Pilates industry attracts the kind of people who like to do things properly.

But when a healthy striving for excellence becomes a paralysing perfectionism, or when you feel like a fake despite looking successful on the outside, there's a problem.

We talk through our views, and some of the science on perfectionism, imposter syndrome and what can be done about them.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Follow Raph on IG here
  • Prevalence, predictors, and treatment of impostor syndrome: A systematic review (2019) here
  • Angela Duckworth Grit TED talk here
  • Raph's interview with Sarah Michael (Shake it out!) here
  • Online interventions for depression and anxiety – a systematic review (2014) here
  • Psychological interventions can help with perfectionism here

Online resources:

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