Like It Is: Lina Alhathloul - Sister of Loujain Who Was Imprisoned & Tortured by Saudis
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Lina AlHathloul is the youngest sister of Loujain. Since her older sister was detained in May 2018, alongside more than a dozen other women human rights defenders, Lina has become one of the few family members able and willing to speak out on behalf of an incarcerated relative. A lawyer by training, Lina has become a tireless advocate for her sister and has spoken to numerous media outlets, at international events and gatherings, and to representatives of the U.S. government and the United Nations.

They discuss:

00:19 - Introduction to Lina

00:53 - What was it like growing up as a girl in Saudi Arabia with a guardianship system?

02:50 - Once she moved away from the country, Lina explains what it was like to experience life in a free country for the first time.

04:15 - Lisa gives background on Loujain being imprisoned for 1,001 days and what she experienced during that time.

04:48 - Lina explains the moment her sister was kidnapped in the UAE and the course of events that led to her unlawful imprisonment.

09:16 - Lina describes in further detail exactly what happened to her sister Loujain while being held in the torture facility–beatings, electric shock therapy, waterboarding, sexual abuse and the man who ordered it all–MBS's right hand man, Saud al-Qahtani, who allegedly oversaw the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

11:53 - How did her release come about? Lina explains how her sister was labeled as a traitor with signs bearing her face placed around the capital city with those stamped on them. MBS claims Loujain was communicating with enemy states but not produced any of the evidence he claimed to posses.

15:41 - Lina talks about how her sister was offered an early release if she made a video statement saying she was never tortured or harassed while imprisoned, which Loujain refused to do.

17:03 - What is Loujain doing now? Lina describes her sister's five-year travel ban, how people around her are targeted, being isolated and how she lives in constant fear.

18:10 - Lisa asks Lina about an article she recently tweeted about regarding the care houses and how women who report their abusers (rape victims, incest, physical abuse) are held in these facilities and tortured for months before being released back to their male abusers.

20:04 - In 2020, Lina wrote a letter to members of the Ladies European Tour begging them not to participate in any Saudi government sponsored tournaments (Aramco Series). She explains what prompted her to write the letter and discusses the dangers sportswashing poses to all Saudi women.

24:25 - Lisa asks Lina what her message would be to LPGA players currently wearing the "Golf Saudi" logo and accepting MBS's blood money.

26:51 - Does it give MBS power when players from the West support his sportswashing efforts?

27:56 - Lina responds to Greg Norman's comments about life for women in Saudi Arabia getting better because he's seen them in restaurants. She also reacts to Lee Westwood's claims that life is improving for women and people in Saudi.

29:51 - What's the future for women in Saudi under MBS?

30:23 - Lisa asks Lina how concerned she is for her sister's safety. Lina goes into detail about the travel ban, continued torture, her sister's phone being targeted with spyware, being followed and harassed.

31:55 - How about her own personal safety? She talks about why speaking out will always help her sister and she doesn't have the luxury to remain silent.

32:57 - Thank you...

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