Interview Science and the REAP RICH Approach to Interviewing
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This episode is all about Interview Science. Joining us is Our guest today has experience in all aspects of hiring as a Talent Leader and award winning principal recruiter.  He has experience as a Job interview coach, Howleader developer and advisor, executive interviewer and he developed the REAP RICH interview science, which I’m excited to know more about.  He has a national presence in media and speaking events, he’s been featured on places like CBS broadcasting and Harvard.  He’s the author of multiple books including The Interview Science and Cracking the Code To A Successful Interview: 15 insider secretes from a top-level recruiter.

Check out Evan's Howleader website

Check out Evans book Cracking he Code To A Successful Interview here

We only discuss one major question:

  1. What is the REAP RICH acronym stand for and how is it used in interview science?

With this question we explore the following:

  1. What is unique about health care professionals interview prep?
  2. What are the "questions behind the questions"?
  3. What are ways to turn around an interview?
  4. How personal is too personal?
  5. What questions can you ask during an interview?

We also discuss a lot about closing the interview which is not as important for those going through the Match, but can be very important for those looking for positions outside the match.

This episode's take-aways:

  1. Remember the REAP RICH acronym which stands for Results, Energy, Attitude, Process, Relationships, Interview the Interviewer, Close the Interviewer, and Humanity.
  2. Results: 6-10 results delivered very quickly
  3. Energy: Say it with enthusiasm and blow people away, "polished passion"
  4. Attitude: Don't be negative or say negative things that the interviewer can latch onto
  5. Processes: describe how you were able to achieve the accomplishments
  6. Relationships: Show that you make connections and you are someone they will want to work with as a colleague
  7. Interview the interviewer: Ask great questions
  8. Close the interview: See where you stand, address any concerns
  9. Humanity: Build rapport

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