PGP Fundamentals: Letter of Intent
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This episode is all about letters of intent and how to develop one that will standout.

Questions we discuss:

  1. What is a letter of intent? How is it different from a cover letter or personal statement?
  2. What content should be included in a letter of intent?
  3. How can you be specific and avoid being generic in a letter of intent?
  4. What is "fluff" and how to avoid it?
  5. What other things should I consider for my letter of intent?

This episode's take-aways:

  1. LOI is a short document that allows you to voice your career goals, experience and leadership that make you a fit for a residency program and also how the program can benefit you
  2. Content of LOI should be specific and should include: what interests you in the program, how the program can benefit you, how you can benefit the program
  3. LOI should be specific to each individual program
  4. Fluff = generic traits a lot of applicants have (hard worker, manage time) - skills you think a resident should have that you just compile a list
  5. To avoid "fluff" - provide specific examples as follow-ups when describing your attributes, skills or experience
  6. Make sure you LOI showcases that you have done a great deal of self-reflection (about your experiences and skills and capabilities you gained from them) - this is important during residency training
  7. Read other examples and use your resources (mentors, preceptors, professional organizations [ACCP, ASHP], books, etc.)
  8. Make sure your LOI aligns with your CV and other pieces of your application
  9. Develop a checklist of things you want to clearly articulate
  10. Don't write it in one sitting
  11. Have others read and double check your LOI
  12. Address it to the correct program/program director
  13. Be yourself!

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