141: Why you should NOT compare yourself or your podcast to Joe Rogan
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Let's talk a bit about Joe Rogan...

  • Joe is an American comedian, podcaster, actor, television host, and mixed martial arts commentator
  • Joe is 53 years old (one month younger than yours truly)
  • The Joe Rogan Experience is a talk-show / interview format (like most of the podcastosphere it seems)
  • He's been publishing his podcast (and YouTube versions) for over 10.5 years
  • He typically publishes 3 or more episodes per week > average episode length is just over 2 hours 30 minutes
  • As of October 2020 his show "The Joe Rogan Experience" has published just over 1700 episodes
  • That's 4,360 hours of content > if you listened non-stop, 24/7 it would take you 182 days to listen to all of it (at normal speed)
  • As of April 2019 > 190 million downloads per month
  • He's increased his publications year over year, but 2020 it appears that he'll actually publish less than he has been in previous years

Not bad for a guy who started out entirely independent (like you and me)

The most recent hype - Spotify

The podcast-o-sphere is all abuzz with the news that Joe just signed a multi-year deal with Spotify estimated to be worth $100M. That's one of the largest licensing agreements in podcast history.

But there are some not-so-good things in the deal that many of us Indie podcasters wouldn't be too keen about...

  • His show can ONLY be found on Spotify
  • Paying members have no-ads
  • Non-paying members have ads (Spotify generated, presumably)

In sPITE of all that, it's Easy to say...

Wow, it must be nice to be Joe Rogan!

But think that through...

  • The dude has paid his dues
  • He has done the work required
  • He has earned every cent (though there is a way I think he could be making more AND keeping full control of where his show is distributed - watch for an upcoming episode about that)
  • Though we can argue about the lasting value he provides his audience, he's clearly hit on a format and personality mix that is entertaining to his demographic

Why you should NOT compare yourself to Joe

  • You haven't been at it as long
  • You haven't published as frequently
  • You haven't build the audience he has
  • You haven't had the same opportunities
  • You are likely podcasting for a different reason than Joe (serving an audience, providing help, building a clientele, selling books/courses, etc.)
  • You have differing gifts, personality, abilities, etc. that make your show and approach intrinsically different than his

  • There is a LOT more to successful podcasting than a big deal like Joe signed

  • People helped
  • Specific needs met
  • Pain relieved
  • World-view and mindsets challenged
  • Changed lives

What SHOULD you do?

  • Get clear on YOUR purpose (What are you podcasting FOR?)
  • Get clear on your audience (Who are you trying to serve)
  • Figure out where they are (online and in real life)
  • Figure out how to get your message to them (creative, diligent, tireless work)
  • Be willing to pay the price

Listen to this episode to get all the deets about these things and more!

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