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When you're talking with prospective clients about your editing and production services, what do those conversations feel like? Do they feel natural? Do they feel forced or uncomfortable? Are you constantly "in your head" wondering if you're saying the right thing.

If so, you're not alone, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

While you might not normally think of improv as something valuable for "behind the scenes" people like podcast editors, Chris Trew of Hell Yes Creative has a different perspective based on his YEARS of practicing and teaching improv. As he shares, you'll discover that what improvisation teaches is incredibly valuable to us (maybe as important as knowing how to capture a great recording) especially when it comes to those critical client conversations.

After all, owning a podcast editing or production business isn't ONLY about editing a podcast or knowing how to add music to a track or even knowing what microphone to recommend. It's also about relationships...because our clients are people.

As you listen, you'll discover a few things:

  • You'll hear how Chris handles unexpected events that interrupt his train of thought mid-conversation.
  • You'll learn why "Yes, And" can still be a valuable approach, even when some conversations feel like they should be "No, But" dialogs.
  • The reason a "Yes, And" approach can be valuable, even when you'd rather steer the conversation a different direction in order to save time.
  • You'll discover why questions are sometimes lazy and how you can make them more valuable (an odd concept for hosts of interview shows).
  • One exercise that can help kick off brainstorming and create an environment for lateral thinking.
  • The key to comfortable, relaxed conversations.

Oh, and you also get to hear Daniel, Bryan, and Jennifer try to keep up with the amazing pace and energy Chris brings as he takes us through a few exercises right on the show. Even Michael Jerry hopped into the comments to share a few things.

Chris will also be hosting a two-week improv workshop starting February 23, 2021. Check it out at

More About Chris Trew

Chris Trew is on a mission to bring improv to those who wouldn't ordinarily engage with it. Not only is he the author of Improv Wins and How to Build a Comedy Scene From Scratch, he also offers improv training to large companies and small groups alike - even groups of podcasters and podcast editors. You can find Chris on Instagram at @ChrisTrew and if you want to find out what improv can do for you, check out what Chris offers at Hell Yes Creative.

Guest Editor

This episode was edited by Leslie Martin. If you like what you hear and you're looking for an editor, you can find him at Great Land Media.

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