How to Balance Your Podcast Production Business with Life – PEM0031
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Running a podcast production business can be hard.

We know it can be hard to balance all the things that need to get done in order for your podcast production business to grow and thrive. But we also know how important it is not let those things take over your life, so you don't end up looking back years later and realizing everything was out of balance, that you’re unhealthy, and that your kids and cats hate you.

That's why we're here to share our tips on keeping your podcast production business balanced without letting it take over! You'll learn about ways you can keep yourself sane while still running a successful company.

Listen now as we share our tips for keeping your podcast production business balanced without letting it take over. You'll learn about ways you can keep yourself focused on what matters most, like family time or exercise, while still making sure there are enough hours in the day for work.  

Listen to Discover

  • What we might be missing when it looks like other people are just crushing it in their businesses.
  • What we need to remind ourselves of when we start comparing ourselves to others.
  • How being a business owner instead of an employee can make this comparison game and the never-ending race to the undefined finish even worse.
  • What we need to define as business owners so that we can begin to set boundaries that are healthy.
  • How each of the Yetis struggle with boundaries and healthy use of their time in different ways.
  • What we should look for instead of balance (hat tip to Britany Felix).
  • Some of the things we juggle besides podcast production work and family.
  • The value of estimating how much time will be needed to complete something (even if it’s wrong).
  • How regular check-ins with a business partner or trusted friend can make a difference.
  • How sometimes bringing someone in to accomplish a single short-term goal can make all the difference in freeing up time both now and later.
  • Some hacks to help get as much done as quickly as possible when you’re at your best (and how to protect client deadlines using margin).
  • Planning for surge capacity.
  • Using a “probability to break” thought exercise to identify what to work on first.

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