The Power of Web Design for Podcast Editors: Tips from Danielle Meadows-Stinnett
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If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of traffic and engagement on your website, despite spending countless hours on design and content, then you are not alone!

In this episode, we dive into the world of website design for podcast editors. From forms to personal branding, our guest offers valuable insights to attract the right clients. But with so many options, how do you know what's best for your business?

Tune in to find out, but be warned... we're not going to force-feed you a cookie-cutter answer.

When we come about looking at these websites, there's not like a generic. You have to have A, B and C. It really can be more conformed to who you are and the brand values that you want to bring through your business. - Danielle Meadows Stinnett

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As You Listen, You'll...

  • Recognize how impactful website design can be in engaging your podcast listeners and growing your audience.
  • Consider including a starting price point or a range of prices on your services page to give potential clients an idea of what to expect.
  • Explore different website creation platforms and tools to find the perfect solution for your podcast.
  • Realize the value of a strong brand image and maintaining consistency in your podcast's presence.
  • Incorporate personal touches such as embedded playlists and photos to showcase your personality and attract like-minded clients.
  • Use forms to directly trim down the potential client pool and make the vetting process easier.
  • Direct potential clients to specific pages or resources on your website to better inform them about your services and process.

Links And Resources

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  • Squarespace - Squarespace makes starting a beautifully-designed website easy. Choose from our library of website templates to find a starting point, then secure a custom domain that fits your brand or idea
  • Virusdie - One-clickwebsite security. Solve security problems on your website yourself - with just one click. Automatically clean and protect your websites from malware and vulnerabilities in seconds with the world's most powerful and easy-to-use all-in-one website security tool.
  • Wordfence - Wordfence is a global team of WordPress security analysts, threat researchers, software engineers, and support staff. We are the leaders in our field, and we focus exclusively on securing WordPress websites, and on WordPress security research.
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About Danielle Meadows-Stinnett

Danielle Meadows-Stinnett is the owner of Octane Design Studios, a Lexington, Kentucky-based branding and identity firm. Danielle is a podcast enthusiast, wife, and mother of three, has diverse passions including Italian cuisine, chai tea, cosplay, Star Trek Picard, and live MMA.

She joins us to share expert tips on website design specific to podcast editors. Her insights can help you create a website that reflects your brand values and connects you with ideal clients.

Connect with Danielle

Personal vs Business Branding

The decision between a personal or business brand can influence the design and content of a podcast editor's website. A personal brand typically showcases the individual's expertise and personality attributes, while a business brand focuses on the company's mission, values, and target market. Neither approach is inherently better, but considering the specific goals and context of the editor can help determine the appropriate direction.

Danielle Meadows-Stinnett shared that website tone, personality, and design should reflect the editor or the company, depending on the preferences of the content creator. To build trust with website visitors, she suggests adding personal touches or humor that allows them to connect with the person or company providing the service.

Should Prices Be Listed on Services Page?

A key consideration for podcast editors when designing their website is whether to display prices for services offered. By listing prices, podcast editors can provide transparency and set expectations upfront, which can be helpful for potential clients when they are comparing services. Displaying prices may deter potential clients, even if the editor is willing to discuss alternate service options or negotiate pricing.

It is also important to consider that every project has its unique requirements and a one-size-fits-all pricing approach may not accurately represent the value provided. Danielle emphasized the importance of transparent communication with clients regarding pricing.

One idea is to show a base price on the website and let visitors ask for a personalized quote based on their project needs. This lets potential clients know the estimated costs and enables discussion of service scope and price.

Multipage Sites vs. Single Page Scroll

In selecting a website layout, podcast editors might consider a more traditional multipage site or a single-page scrolling site. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will depend on the specific needs and content organization preferences of the editor.

Multipage sites offer more organization and depth, allowing visitors to explore selectively, while single-page sites simplify navigation and create a linear user journey. During the discussion, your Yetis and Danielle agreed that multipage sites with organized categories and topics are preferable (for them), as they offer a less monotonous and tedious user experience compared to single-page scrolling sites.

Furthermore, multiple pages can also aid in search engine optimization and discoverability.

Platforms for Building Websites

Various website-building platforms cater to different skill levels, budgets, and design preferences. Some popular options include WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Kajabi. When choosing a platform, podcast editors should consider their familiarity, the support available, and any limitations of the platform with respect to their specific needs.

Danielle expressed her preference for WordPress and Squarespace, as they offer a good balance between ease of use and flexibility. Although Wix and Weebly are also suitable for some users, they may not provide the same level of customization and functionality as their recommended platforms.

Stinnett further mentioned that Kajabi is a viable choice for those who can afford it, but it comes with a steeper learning curve. Ultimately, the choice of platform should accommodate the podcast editor, and in some cases, the preferences of their clients.

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