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You’d be wrong to think that prices are based on a simple equation. You’d also be wrong if you think podcasters want the packages you’re selling right now. The joy of a new, dynamic industry like ours is also it’s curse: We are constantly having to adapt creative minds and their new ideas. So what strategies do you use to determine what to provide clients and what that service is worth? 

Mailbag: Do you have a system for creating packages and prices? We’d love to hear from you. (because Carrie really wants to do a mailbag/AMA episode)


We learned a few things throughout this episode, but one of them was how much strategies vary from editor to editor.  That editors are constantly re-evaluating and refining offerings and rates. And that packages rarely seem to suit podcasters (which is something to explore on its own in a future episode). When you quoted your first client, did you pull a number out of the air? 

  • If you did it’s normal. We aren’t MBAs. We’re editors– part artists, part techies– who had this wild idea to invent a job that is challenging, flexible and rewarding. That’s why we started this show: to work through these sorts of things with our community… to mastermind with you. We asked our live audience what models they used and shared our own. Here were the answers... 
  • Hourly 

  • Per Episode 

  • Day Rates 

  • Project-based

  • Value-based

We also covered the pros and cons of various billing cycles. Surprisingly, some of are moving away from monthly billing. Scope Creep and a la carte packages

It was pretty well agreed that no one package is right for the majority of podcasters. There’s always something that’s not quite right. Or a podcaster wants more than agreed to without, ahem, wanting to pay for it. A la carte and a clear contract may be your best bet for staving off scope creep.If you're like us, you have things to say about what we talked about in this episode. If you're a member of our community, you most certainly can do that. You might even see a live editing session or product demo! Links:

We stream live to Facebook Page every Thursday at 9:05 pm EST/6:05 PST. 

NEXT LIVESTREAM: April 17thShout out to Steph Fuccio of Podcast Editng Plus and Global Podcast Editors (a twice-monthly candid conversation with podcast editors). Go subscribe to her newsletter, it’s worth reading.  And thanks, Steph, for this review:I adore this podcast. The transparent way that they talk about podcast editing as a freelance and business experience is insanely helpful. A must listen for anyone curious how price services, create packages, upskill your tech and so much more. Good humans, these folks are! --via Podchaser


Your Masterminders:

Daniel Abendroth: | @rothmedia_audioCarrie Caulfield-Arick: | @carriearickBryan Entzminger: | @toptieraudioOur editor is Alejandro Ramirez. He’s open to work editing in English and Spanish.

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