From Tesla to Podcasting: Tom Kelly's Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Successful Podcast Editor
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In the world of podcasting, Tom Kelly's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion.

Little did he know, his path would take him to an unexpected encounter that would change everything. Tom's story is about his determination and hard work. He began by listening to podcasts in a wood shop and later worked on installing solar panels for Tesla. Eventually, he started his own editing business.

But what was the unexpected encounter that propelled him towards success? You'll just have to listen to discover the surprising turn of events that transformed Tom's podcast editing journey forever.

Listen to Discover

  • How Tom's path to where he is now was anything but straight
  • How a conference led to Tom's first paid gig (and why it might be a little non-traditional)
  • What kept Tom going when it was tough
  • One thing that could really help YOU land clients (and a free resource we have for you if you want it...)
  • How Tom's priorities have shifted in recent years

I realized I wanted to get into [podcasting], and it wasn't even podcast production at the time. I wanted to run a network. That was my first interest in podcasting. - Tom Kelly

Master the podcast editing journey

Tom's experiences in the podcast editing business offer valuable lessons for those aiming to carve their own path in this field. Thes include things like persistence, learning from failures, and gaining practical experience with different types of audio recordings are integral to mastering the craft.

Build a compelling portfolio

Creating your own content is an effective way to showcase your podcast editing skills. This approach gives you complete control over the audio quality and content. It helps you demonstrate your skills more effectively, especially when the client's initial audio is of poor quality.

Tap into a supportive network

Tom’s rise in the podcast editing industry underscores the importance of networking and community involvement. Attending industry events and building genuine relationships can open doors to collaboration opportunities and client referrals.

Additionally, using social platforms like YouTube to share knowledge and experiences can help expand your influence, build credibility, and attract potential clients.

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About Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly is a trained audio engineer and the founder of Clean Cut Audio. Tom is experienced in editing podcasts and has a good understanding of audio production. He has worked on high-quality shows and is well-regarded for his technical skills. He has also created educational content on YouTube, offering tutorials and courses on topics such as EQ and compression.

Tom began podcast editing while working in unrelated fields like installing solar panels for Tesla and working at a wood shop.

Through persistence and a passion for podcasting (and a desire to be self-employed), he honed his skills and eventually secured his first editing job. But it didn't turn out quite as he'd hoped.

Tom's story shows how determination and pursuing one's passion can lead to a successful career as a podcast editor.

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