Tom Webster: Why We Need Better Education in Podcast Advertising, and Programmatic Is Not Evil
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Tom Webster, partner at Sounds Profitable, and Danny discuss the latest findings from Sounds Profitable's studies on podcast advertising. They also talk about the growth of the podcasting industry and how podcast ads can be more effective.

Tom and Danny discuss the recent Podcast Movement conference and the After These Messages report. Tom shares that the report is one of the strongest studies he's ever worked on, and that the conference was a great opportunity for people in the podcasting industry to come together and discuss important issues. Danny asks about the biggest changes Tom has seen in the industry over the past 18 years, and Tom talks about how the industry has grown and evolved, with more people than ever before having access to podcasting technology and platforms.

The main change that Tom discusses is the breaking down of the structures of what makes a technical podcast to where we are today with what the mainstream public thinks is a podcast. He explains how this has both positive and negative effects on the industry as a whole. On the positive side, it means that more people are exposed to podcasts and they can be consumed in different ways. However, it also presents challenges in terms of monetization and the overall definition of what a podcast is.

Tom and Danny discuss YouTube's recent entry into the world of podcasts. They question whether or not YouTube will be successful in this venture, and speculate on how the company will approach it. They also discuss the potential impact of YouTube's entrance on the podcasting community as a whole.

Key points:

03:47 The Evolution of Podcasting: From Technical Definition to Mainstream Media

05:50 Tom on the Future of Podcasting on YouTube

10:35 Twitter Spaces and Podcasting

12:14 Tom on the Importance of Trend Tracking in Podcasting

14:35 The Benefits of SoundCloud for Podcasting

19:11 The Impact of Podcasting on Advertising and Consumer Behavior

23:06 The Benefits of Advertising on Podcasts

27:31 The Future of Podcast Advertising: Education, Expectation Management, and Improving the User Experience

30:01 The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

34:08 The Future of Podcast Advertising

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