Evo Terra on Podcasting in 2005 to Where Podcasting Goes Next
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In this episode, I chat with Evo Terra, host of Podcast Pontifications and founder of Simpler Media. Evo has been podcasting since 2004, so you can be sure he's brought the goods when it comes to the podcasting industry today.

Evo Knows Podcasting

Apart from his highly regarded show, Podcast Pontifications, Evo has also launched several other podcasts since starting way back in 2004. This includes personal projects and those for clients - in fact, when you put them all together, it comes to over 1,000 podcast. It's safe to say Evo knows what he's talking about when it comes to podcasting.

The Journey to Diversity in Podcasting

One of the podcasts Evo is involved in is Three Clips from Castos. What's cool about this show is its goal to share some of the more creative approaches being taken when it comes to podcasting. On top of that Evo shares how he's stepping back from hosting the show so more diverse voices can lead it, something that - thankfully - seems to be happening more in the podcasting space.

The Changing Face of Production and Consumption

Having been podcasting for 17 years now, Evo's seen a lot of changes in the industry, especially when it comes to how we create and consume podcasts. From being a very insular space only for tech heads to being able to create a podcast with just your phone, the industry makes it super easy for anyone to start a podcast. No more downloading mp3 files to CD to listen back to!

The Argument for and Against RSS Feeds

One thing that's remained consistent with podcasting over the years is the delivery system - the old and trusted RSS feed. However, while that's the de facto method of podcast delivery at the moment, there's a lot of talk and development about either making the RSS feed more interactive, or replacing it altogether. Evo talks on why RSS needs to change, and who he's betting on to make that happen.

The Argument for Super Niche

One of the ways Evo sees podcasting in the future is for podcast apps and listeners to become super niche, as opposed to a one size catch all. He offers the example of Apollo, where they only publish fiction podcasts. This limits the podcasts on the app - but also makes sure it's laser focused on the audience they want to attract. It's this kind of nicheness that Evo feels could benefit podcasting moving forward.

How Evo Helped Early Adopters to Podcasting 

As well as a hugely respected podcaster, Evo is also a published author, and was one of the original co-authors of Podcasting For Dummies (I have a copy of it in my wife's library!). So he's been a huge influence on a generation of podcasters from the early days, possibly without them realizing it.

Radio - The Grandfather of Podcasting

A lot of podcasters, for whatever reason, seem to talk down when it comes to radio. Which is surprising, given how without radio, whether terrestrial or internet, there might be no podcasting industry today. Indeed, this is how Evo got started, and without his experiences there he admits he probably wouldn't be where he is today.

What Podcasting Needs to Do to Improve 

As a podcasting veteran, Evo has pretty much seen it all when it comes to tools technology, and more. This includes the ease in which new podcasters can get started. However, with this ease comes a downside, and that's podcasters that may not know the benefit of audio optimization, editing, and more. Here. Evo shares why - despite podcasting becoming mainstream - there's a big need for education for these new podcasters, to help them and their show be the best it can be for their listeners.

Every innovation has made podcasting easier. But I'm not convinced most of them make it any better.

The Importance of Education

For many new podcasters, they take inspiration from the big shows they listen to - a Serial, for example, or a Joe Rogan. The problem, as Evo shares, is that because of their audience size, they can get away with just throwing an episode out minus editing. This isn't the case for new podcasters - so how much should the industry do to make a standard when it comes to sound, as well as educating podcasters the importance of the basics?

The Validation of Podcasting

In the last few months and years, podcasting has seen a huge influx of money enter the space. Most of that has come from Spotify buying exclusive rights to certain podcasts. While that may upset some listeners, Evo sees this as validation of our industry as a serious medium, as well as allowing creators to experiment and do things they might not be able to elsewhere.

Why Indie Podcasters Need to Be Better

In a recent episode of Three Clips, Evo chatted with Jack Rhysider of Darknet Diaries. A hugely popular podcast, Jack shared that it takes around 50 hours per episode to put Darknet Diaries together. For the average indie podcaster, this isn't realistic - so Evo shares what indies can do to compete with the bigger budget shows.

Stop Being Impressed With Yourself

Evo makes a great point about progress, and where you see yourself. You may think your show sounds great, or you nailed an interview, or everyone wants to listen to your podcast. But, generally, no-one thinks you sound as good as you do. Once you learn this, your show will really take off.

A lot of the things you think about yourself and how you're the best thing? The rest of the world may not think so.

Key points:

05:40 The Evolution of Podcasting: From Desktop to Pocket

10:14 The Future of Podcasting

13:50 The Evolution of Podcasting

23:38 The Future of Podcasting: Making it Easy to Make a Great Show

27:20 The Importance of Editing in Podcasting

29:06 The Future of Podcasting: What Excites Evo Terra the Most?

35:29 The Benefits of Being an Indie Podcaster

38:55 The Benefits of Being Humble and the Importance of Listening to Your Show

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