Apr 20, 2022
S3E03 - Is What You're Creating a Podcast... or Something Bigger? with Gina Bianchini
Play • 34 min

The value you create is not in how you deliver your content, says Mighty Networks CEO Gina Bianchini. Your value comes from giving people a reason to pay attention to something they care about, and a way to manifest their identity.

That’s why Gina recommends you stop thinking of what you do as podcasting and start thinking of it as bringing together people who want to find each other.

We cover:

  • What content businesses can learn from software companies to help them thrive
  • The difference between and audience and a community
  • The surprising best time to start building a community around your podcast
  • How podcasts with relatively small followings have been able to grow their revenue and profile through their community
  • How to justify a much higher subscription price than you’re probably charging right now
  • The 3 questions every successful community must be able to answer
  • How current communities can tap into the coming web3 wave

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