Regularly Reviewing Your Tech Stack for Business Growth and Success
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In this episode, Damien and Penny dive deep into the importance of organizational structure, service mix, and team building for accountants and bookkeepers who seek to build intentional businesses. They share their experience with new hires who bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with competent individuals to grow a business.

The conversation today highlights the importance of delegating in growing a business and the focus on integrating different apps and software to provide comprehensive financial reporting and functionality.    

Tune in as Damien and Penny to learn how to build intentional businesses as accountants and bookkeepers!

[00:01 - 01:32] Opening Segment

  • Damien and Penny discuss their experiences with new hires, encouraging them to bring fresh ideas to the table
  • The importance of thematic reporting and using data in different ways 

[01:33 - 14:00] Creating Capacity for Technology Management and Client Relationships in Accounting Firms

  • The need to create two different reports for sales due to overriding commissions
  • Delegating tasks and fear of not being clear enough in expectations
  • Surrounding oneself with good people and letting them do their thing
  • Hiring employees to manage workload and provide quality service to clients/customers
  • The importance of app integration and building a tech stack for businesses

[14:01 - 16:32] Regularly Reviewing Your Tech Stack for Business Growth and Success

  • Integration and communication between apps is important
  • Managing to onboard of employees using apps
  • Performance center allows customization of reports for clients
  • Procedures should be reviewed regularly as technology and apps are constantly changing

[16:33 - 30:16] Closing Segment

  • Damien and Penny’s advice to the listeners the importance of building relationships with app providers and creating a space for creative thinking in the team

Tweetable Quotes

“Everything is on the table. If you want to look at something, here's access to everything you need to have, and you tell me if you have a better idea.” - Penny Breslin

“Surround yourself with good people, and nine times out of 10, they'll come back with something better.” – Damien Greathead


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