Streamline Your Workflow And Organize Chaos
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In this episode, Damien and Penny explore how accounting firms and bookkeepers can use workflow, AI, and technology to build their business with intentionality, help their clients better understand their business, and deliver value to them, as well as create a great workplace for their team.

The conversation focuses on the benefits of workflow, such as workflows, such as better visibility, accountability, and organization. 

Tune in as Damien and Penny as they advise listeners on what questions to ask when reviewing workflow applications and suggestions on setting up the workflow!

[00:01 - 01:36] Opening Segment

  • Damien and Penny discuss workflow, AI, and technology
  • AI is becoming more useful from a marketing and productivity standpoint

[01:37 - 13:49] How To Increase Efficiency And Accountability Through Workflow

  • AI can help with client communication and workflow
  • Push communication into Slack and Zoom chats
  • What is workflow?
  • Cloud-based services require proper cloud-based workflow for tracking

[13:50 - 28:21] Streamline Your Workflow And Organize Chaos

  • Simple workflow tools can be used even by one-person firms to help manage tasks
  • It is important for business owners to create space for themselves to think about their business and recharge
  • Set reminders and use a triage mentality to prioritize tasks
  • Take time out of the office or go offline to step away and think about your business
  • Penny shares the key capabilities required for any workflow software you're investigating

  1. All of client communication linked to the client record in the WF
  2. Assigned allocation of resource let's one know who has the task
  3. Status tells one where the task is on time to completion, what is holding up the task, what is missing
  4. Due dates, recurrence and priority cuts down on the question that revolve around administrating the tasking
  5. History of prior Q/A is helpful with not repeating mistakes or repeating questions

[28:22 - 35:07] Closing Segment

  • Damien and Penny advise listeners to review workflow applications to improve their business workflow!

Tweetable Quotes

“Life is too short. Nobody ever knows when they're going to be the one getting hit by a bus, so don't waste it.” - Penny Breslin

“If you need to take time out of the office or want to take time and go offline, will your team have everything that they need at their fingertips to keep the work moving.” – Damien Greathead


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