Enhancing Efficiency With AI Automation
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In this episode, Damien and Penny explore the changing job environment due to the increasing use of AI in accounting and tax processes. They share their experiences with Carbon, an AI-powered workflow tool that some of their clients are using.

The conversation dives into the potential of AI to automate tasks in the accounting process, such as checklists, emails, and other administrative tasks that would allow accountants to spend more time on the work they were trained for.

Tune in as Damien and Penny as they discuss using AI in accounting and how it can save practitioners time and effort!

[00:01 - 04:57] Opening Segment

  • Damien and Penny discuss how AI is being implemented in different apps to automate communications
  • Carbon is one of the workflow tools being used with AI technology to write emails and summarize client communication into bullet points  

[04:58 - 27:04] How Practitioners Are Leveraging AI To Automate Communication And Workflow

  • How AI is being used to automate administrative functions and emails
  • A seamless experience for clients
  • It is easier for team leaders, less administrative time, and more detail is put in
  • AI is taking a part of the job that doesn’t require much training, such as administrative tasks

[27:05 - 28:01] Enhancing Efficiency With AI Automation

  • AI can help with communication and marketing
  • AI has yet to separate itself based on sales receipts or review transactions
  • Embracing the benefits of AI in communication and administrative tasks
  • Accountants need to be trained to become KPOs (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

[28:02 - 40:56] Closing Segment

  • Damien and Penny explore how AI is being used in accounting and how it can save practitioners time and effort!

Tweetable Quotes

“Give me something more, give me something that a bot can't do. Show me that you didn't just click a button, that you actually considered what you were doing when you did it based on what you know about the client because that is what you're getting paid for.” - Penny Breslin

“ At the end of the day, there's going to be so much nuance in each and every client that yes, it might, maybe 60% of transactions, that's fine. But I think we've been doing that for a long time already. I don't see the same speed to market in that space as I do on say, the comms and the administrative capabilities of AI.” – Damien Greathead


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