Setting Clear Expectations with Clients
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In this episode, Damien and Penny share their experiences working with accounting firms around the world and provide valuable insights on how to avoid dropped balls and miscommunications with clients. They emphasize the importance of intentionally building businesses in the accounting and bookkeeping industry.

The conversation today highlights setting clear expectations with clients and ensuring that both parties are aware of their responsibilities.

Tune in as Damien and Penny for an engaging and insightful conversation on the importance of building strong client relationships and not letting perfectionism get in the way of progress!

[00:01 - 06:27] Opening Segment

  • Damien and Penny focus on client relationships and progress over perfection
  • They emphasize clear communication and systemized follow-up to maintain strong client relationships  

[06:28 - 14:14] Setting Clear Expectations With Clients

  • The importance of setting clear expectations with clients - who's responsible for what (and by when)
  • The need for checklists and tasks for clients to follow - maybe even calendar appointments
  • Onboarding contract with clear bullet points and due dates
  • Challenging the client hierarchy changes and access to applications

[14:15 - 21:29] The Importance Of Checklists And Communications

  • Asking clients what they want/need in terms of communication frequency
  • Consider changes in the client’s business and adjust communication accordingly, from monthly meeting to quarterly once milestones are hit
  • Accountants/bookkeepers should look at changes in the client’s business (revenue/employees/transactions) to suggest improvements

[21:30 - 36:06] Closing Segment

  • Damien and Penny shares their advice with their listeners about building trust with clients through extra work and value-add services

Tweetable Quotes

“Make sure that the client knows that to help you achieve your goals, this is what you need to do for us, so that we (your accountant/advisor) can give you what you've signed up for.” - Penny Breslin

“I don't think we often ask the client, if they getting what they need, in the right sort of timeframes that they need the information. So, I think that's something that we can definitely incorporate into the engagement process and the re-engagement process. An actually why wait, just ask your client today. Are you getting what you need from us” – Damien Greathead


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