How Giving Value Can Unlock The Power Of Your Personal Brand with Brad Draper
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In the 23rd Storyy Time episode, Brad Draper recounts his incredible journey of how he took a leap of faith to pursue his goal of building his personal brand using the power of social media.

He shares with us the strategies and tactics he used to grow his online presence and how he was able to turn his passion into a successful career! ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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Weโ€™ll be talking about:

[00:00] Introduction

[00:27] Brad tells his story

[00:55] His undertakings over the past 12 years

[01:37] What prompted him to switch career

[03:21] The steps he took to realize he was on the right trajectory

[06:02] The people he met along his journey

[21:26] His experience working alongside Ryan Flint

[24:08] How Storyy helped him grow his brand

About our Guests:

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Brad Draper is a goal-driven and performance-oriented manager with over 10 years of management experience across various disciplines, ranging from self-improvement to laboratory sciences. He is a proven leader who is success-aligned and quality-bound. Brad is skilled at efficient output, interpersonal communications, systems and processes, extreme ownership, direct leadership, and immense fortitude. Furthermore, he is a numbers-driven creative who desires to see projects through to completion.

Brad is an avid fitness enthusiast with nearly 20 years in the health and fitness space. He enjoys weight lifting, cross-training, road cycling, and mountain biking. With an effort of continual self-improvement, Brad has successfully completed 6 Olympic triathlons, 2 marathons, and one full-distance triathlon. He is a visceral force for good and strives to add value wherever he goes and with whom he interacts. If there is an opportunity to aggrandize someone, he will execute and take immediate, massive action. Plainly stated, Brad loves wholly.


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