Finding Trust In Your Faith Community
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SERIES: What Really Matters - Finding Trust In Your Faith Community. Acts 6:1-7

During a time of crisis and pain, faith communities should be those places of refuge where we find our greatest strength and stability. These types of communities can provide warmth, acceptance, and belonging. However, at other times they can be the very thing that causes us to feel alone, lost, and sometimes even threatened or endangered. How does this happen in what has been referred to as “The Body of Christ”? How do we restore what God intended?

This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways:

  • What do you think about the church existing in this now but not yet space?
  • How seriously do you take the idea that as the church we are the body of Christ in our world?
  • What has been your most exhausting part of the pandemic?
  • How might we adjust our expectations of church knowing that to a large degree it is what we are?
  • How in touch are with you of the reality of long term racial injustice in our country?
  • Why do you think the majority culture segments racial injustice asv“their” problem?
  • How do we draw a larger circle so it is “our” problem?
  • How can you get better informed on the reality of racial injustice?
  • Who could you get together with who is different than you are?
  • What does the Bible say about injustice?
  • Who is for it and who is against injustice?
  • How can you help make the world more just?

Which takeaway(s) resonate most with you? 

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NEXT WEEK: What Really Matters - Hope In The Now

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