Speaking of Grace
Speaking of Grace
Mar 10, 2021
Fix Your Eyes On Jesus
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Things To Remember – ‘Fix Your Eyes On Jesus’          


What is your first line of defense? When you face good times or bad – When your relational world is stable or messed up – When you are the epitome of health or can’t get well – When the bills are all paid and there’s extra or when none are paid. Do you turn to your own mind for answers? Do you seek diversion? Is there a trusted friend you call? Only one person is worthy of our focus, and when we focus there, all will be well with our souls. There are a million other lines of defense and options of where to look, but especially when times are rough—fix your eyes on Jesus. 

This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways:  

  • What is your biggest temptation to multi-task to try and do two things at once?
  • List the top five things that demand your attention?
  • How hard was it to juggle classes in school?
  • In what ways does aiming for perfection rather than progress hamper your Christian pilgrimage?
  • How can you tell you’ve bought in to being on a pilgrimage to be transformed into Christ’s image &that the journey is important?
  • What do you think about this race being more of a “fun run” than a race because Jesus has already won the race and has enough gold medals for each participant?
  • What would be one of your greatest distractions to pull you away from fixing your eyes on Jesus?
  • What can you do to lodge more of his teaching in your brain?
  • How can you begin to see all people you can serve as a way of focusing on Jesus, fixing your eyes on the “least of these”?

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NEXT WEEK: WEEK 2 OF ANDY’S FINAL SERIES AT WLC: ‘Things To Remember’ – Trust The Gospel. 

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