The Destination
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Following Jesus Beyond the Cross – ‘The Destination’

He is risen and is our ‘destination’.

This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways: 

  • We very rarely look at being a "follower" as being a positive position. What do you think are some of your own personal resistances to this request of Jesus to "Follow Me?"
  • Consider the question above and how the disciples just left their current lives to follow Jesus. If you were to imagine yourself in that time, what would have been your greatest motivation for dropping everything and following this man of whom you'd only heard?
  • As you think about Christ knowing everything about you, what makes it so comfortable for you to hang onto that thought? What do you keep discovering about God the more you know he sees your heart?
  • When you think about Jesus not being the conductor to our destination but truly being the destination, what thoughts come to mind?

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NEXT WEEK: Following Jesus Beyond the Cross – ‘The Leader’, by Jeff Cinquemani.


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