Speaking of Grace
Speaking of Grace
Jan 19, 2021
Stewarding the Gospel...of Others First
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Stewarding the Gospel…of Others First


God’s free amazing grace to each of us calls us to a new way. Solving the sin problem is Jesus leaving the comfort of the adoring angels and the forever unity of the Trinity and putting others first. The gospel is the perfect picture of self-donation, and when Jesus’ followers follow best, that picture of self-donation recurs in good stewarding of the gospel.


This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways: 


  • If you look back on your life, who was someone you looked up to and sought to be like, or maybe even pretended to be? What was it about that experience that was good for you to go through, but also grow out of?
  • When we listen to others with more than just a quiet ear, when we really pay attention to what is "behind the words" so to speak, what does that not only do for them, but also do for us? Knowing that understanding is critical, at what point, if ever, might it be helpful to share our own journey or opinions about theirs?
  • If discipleship, the way Jesus did it, was all about being a servant, how do you see the disciples replicating that style of leadership in the New Testament that tell about their ministry?
  • If we realize that our lives are a beautiful journey with one definite purpose (to live in God's command to love), how will you seek to find ways to make other people's lives better? It's really an adventure of discovery every single day, so what might be the first step?  


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NEXT WEEK: Stewarding The Gospel…of ‘Equality’ by Andy McDonald.


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