Speaking of Grace
Speaking of Grace
Jul 28, 2020
What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?
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SERIES - Worshiping In Mr. Rogers Neighborhood: What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?

In 1968, the Vietnam War was being fought; Bobby Kennedy had been shot. Mr. Rogers realized that children were aware of these events, but they had no place where it was safe to talk about these issues. We avoid those things we don’t understand and what we fear. On the program, King Friday builds a wall to keep out what he didn’t like or understand. How does fear build walls? How important is it for the church to be a place where we discuss those things we fear and about which we may be angry?

This week's #WholeLifeTakeAways:

  • What, if anything, is your best Mister Roger’s memory?


  • Whether or not you watched the show, who was the real life “Mister Rogers” for you? (listened to you and affirmed you)


  • What was great or not so great about your neighborhood growing up?


  • How well have Christians done at being neighborly? As individuals? As churches? As denominational organizations?


  • What some similarities between being neighborly and being Christian?


  • What do you think/feel about the idea that every person on the globe is our neighbor?


  • What are some of your fears that might interrupt your being a good neighbor?


  • How does the reality of God’s completed reconciliation of all things to himself, including you, free you to being neighborly?


  • In the pursuit of neighborliness, this week who will you seek to understand better so you can be a better neighbor to them?

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