An Unexpected Addition
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Expecting the Unexpected: An Unexpected Arrival


Elizabeth and Zechariah wanted a child, and when they discovered they would receive just that, Zechariah couldn’t speak to share the exciting news, and Elizabeth was going to deal with all the challenges of pregnancy in her 80’s! How many times in our life have we been waiting for something and, when things finally fall into place, we’re just not ready – or it happens in a way we didn’t expect? Is it God’s sense of humor at our expense, or God’s perfect timing? How do we trust God’s wisdom in times when things don’t happen like we thought they would? 


This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways:

  • When you were 10, what did you want to do when you grew up?
  • How did that work out?  Any vestiges of that original dream?
  • What is something you have prayed and prayed for but still it hasn’t yet happened? How do you keep hoping?
  • Would you say you were born with or without privilege?   
  • What are some of the risks on both sides?
  • What advice would you give Zechariah and Elizabeth about handling the angles of their pain?
  • What dream or expectation have you shelved and what would have to happen to reengage with them?
  • How jaded are you regarding things that need to change in your life? Can you believe “nothing is impossible with God”?
  • In what ways is Advent, the Christmas season, about the unexpected?
  • Creativity is a characteristic of God and matches “Expect the Unexpected.” What do you need to do to expect the unexpected?


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NEXT WEEK: Expecting The Unexpected - ‘An Unexpected Gift’.


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