Speaking of Grace
Speaking of Grace
Nov 25, 2020
While We Wait: We Give Thanks
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While We Wait: We Give Thanks             


When things are going well, we may begin to believe that we are enjoying the life and success we are due for our hard work, wise decision making, focused attention, and careful planning and execution. However, when days of desperation come, we may become depressed and discouraged. If we’ve given ourselves credit for creating the good life, we may decide to give ourselves credit for the bad. From our helpless place of distress, God delivers. All we can do is give thanks.


This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways:

  • What do you think about giving thanks while you wait?
  • How hard is it to believe that God is 100% good and 0% bad?
  • When God says no, or wait does it make it hard to believe he is 100% good?
  • What is it about “desperate conditions” that pushes us to call on the Lord?
  • When has the Lord gotten you out of desperate situation, “just in the nick of time”?
  • When have you felt “locked up” and what did it mean for Jesus to set you free?
  • How does it feel when God turns raging winds to a whisper and muzzles the high waves of your sea?
  • How do you keep in balance of the reality of bad stuff in our temporal world and the promise of all good in eternity?
  • Jesus has set everything right in the universe and gives us eternity, could it be that our “thank you” is God’s best praise?


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NEXT WEEK - While We Wait - ‘Trust God’s Word'.


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