Speaking of Grace
Speaking of Grace
Oct 27, 2020
While We Wait: Moses
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While We Wait: Moses       


There’s the temptation to run ahead. Moses knows his story: from basket boat to royalty! He craves justice for his people, so he takes things into his own hands and commits murder. But it was witnessed. He flees to Midian, and for forty years each morning he cares for sheep. Finally, he leads his people to freedom, and they refuse to trust that God can give them the land he promised. So, for another 40 years he wanders the desert, and every morning he gets up and goes to work sitting in the seat of judgement. Faithfulness in our duties of regular life are certainly a big part of what we do while we wait.


This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways:


·     What “job” did you play at most as a kid? What job did you pretend to be yours?


·     What would make you categorize some jobs as being good jobs and some as being bad jobs?


·     What pressure did you feel to select a certain “family approved” job/career?


·     What do you think was Jochebed’s secret to anchoring Moses in God?


·     How would you feel about 40 years of schooling followed by 40 years at sheep school before delivering your people? How hard is prep work?


·     In what ways is your work “full time Christian work?


·     How might you think of your work/career as a calling from God?


·     Do you agree with William Deal, “Work is God’s way of caring for his creatures?” How is that true for you?


·     Whose work do you need to honor more?



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NEXT WEEK - While We Wait - ‘Daniel'.


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