Speaking of Grace
Speaking of Grace
May 19, 2020
How Does A Free New Lifer Live?
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Paul's Letter to the Orlandonians: How Does A Free New Lifer Live?

Paul gives guidance on living as a new creature in Christ. We put away, put to death, the sinful earthly things in us—and live free of all that. Even to the removal of the normal distinctions of Jew and Gentile. And there’s a good bit of directive about relationships as a Free New Lifer!

This week’s #WholeLifeTakeAways:

• How crazy is the idea of waking up each day imagining God’s voice God call you his beloved child in whom he is well pleased?

• How hard is it to live in the freedom of our perfection being complete in Christ? (His perfection attributed to us)

• Share what you remember about your baptism. What do you think about baptism your resurrection with Christ, hidden in him?

• What do think Paul is trying to communicate vs. 3 you are dead to old life, vs. 5 put to death a list of evils, vs. 8 get rid of another list. 

• Did we not die to old life? Does it keep resurrecting? Are we perfect in Christ but with lots of room to grow more like him?

• How caught are you in the current, today’s news and what would it mean for you to focus on heavenly stuff more?

• How successful is Satan in 1) getting you to beat yourself up when you mess up, and 2) getting you to project your self-disgust onto God making him disgusted with you in your mind?

• How do you feel about the concept that when God looks at you he only sees Jesus?

• Who could benefit if you only see Jesus when you look at them?

Which question(s) resonate most with you?  

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NEXT WEEK: Paul’s Letter to the Orlandonians:  Instructions for Christian Households

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