SEO in 2022
We asked SIXTY-SIX! of the world's leading SEOs to share their number one actionable tip for 2022. Check out our SEO in 2022 guide to learn from the best in the business, helping you stay one-step ahead of your competitors as we head into a new year... You would have thought that if we asked SIXTY-SIX SEOs the same question (What is your number 1 SEO tip for 2022?) then we would receive lots of similar answers. Not at all. The industry is now so rich and varied that most contributors came up with an entirely different answer. Even where the topics were similar, the perspectives were very different. The advice in this book ranges from doubling-down on evergreen strategies to finding new and better ways to identify opportunities, how the SERP is changing, next generation tech, and so much more. The tips tips naturally break down in to 12 different chapters, and that those chapters fell into 4 main sections – EVALUATE, PLAN, DELIVER, and CANI. SECTION 1: EVALUATE The first section, EVALUATE, contains the first 3 chapters – ‘Modern SEO’, ‘Strong Foundations’, and ‘Prioritise’. These tips are focusing on the ongoing, key elements of SEO that you can’t ignore, year after year. Included are tips on focusing in the areas where you are likely to have the biggest impact, how to build a technically sound website in 2022, and how to determine your ongoing strategy - partly based upon thorough competitor analysis. SECTION 2: PLAN After the evaluation phase, Section 2 looks at how to PLAN your SEO activities for 2022, under the chapters: ‘Site Structure’, ‘Keyword Research’ and ‘User Behaviour’. Here we include tips on how to use Schema to educate Google about the uniqueness and specificity of your content, why mapping keywords to personas and user journeys is essential, and how search engines are moving towards gaining a better understanding of user intent. SECTION 3: DELIVER Next up is the DELIVER section, including the chapters ‘Content Creation’, ‘Links’ and ‘Keep an Eye on the SERP’. Shared in this section is the fact that your job as an SEO is to help searchers get the answer that they’re looking for. Also included are tips around how to build high-quality, original content assets, and why the SERP isn’t just the place that sends you traffic – it can also be a wonderful source of competitive intelligence. SECTION 4: CANI Finishing us up is section 4: CANI - CONSTANT and NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT. An SEO’s work is never done – and if you ever think it is, that’s probably a sign that your competitors are about to surpass you. In this section of ‘SEO in 2022’, we look at topics such as why you need to be using Google Search Console on a daily basis, how machine learning could improve an SEO’s life, and why training the next generation of SEOs is so important. There’s a lot to explore – some of it will already be top-of-mind. Other elements will be waiting for you to discover. Join SIXTY-SIX of the world's leading SEOs to discover SEO in 2022.
SEO in 2022
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