Episode 318 – Talisman, the Splendor of Delirious Rowdy Grains
Play • 1 hr 34 min
Shane Welin is back and we cover some of our favorite board games including Splendor (1:41), Talisman (4:00), Space Alert and Star Wars Risk (6:40). Excalibur and Captain Britain? Of course we talk about it! (10:47) One of the legendary Keycon moments was the whole grain skit between Shane and SeanGeek. So just what was that skit exactly and why do they still talk about it? (17:22) Many of us grew up on the comedy that was Eddie Murphy’s Delirious and the jokes contained within that legendary standup comedy has been ingrained in all of our daily lives. The three talk about the indelible impression it left on them. (18:49) Shane’s connection to the show was his old show Rum Powered Reviews which saw Shane reviewing his vast collection of toys. But it doesn’t stop there. Shane shares some memorabilia items he has. (20:52) We also talk gaming and music through the pandemic, and how using Zoom or other related programs just isn’t the same. (27:04). We get into Shane’s current campaign and (hope his players are not listening) spoils the big twist in it. (33:28). This spills into SeanGeek’s own trope that he uses in all of his games that started with El Tigre, and followed along in every campaign with El Tigre’s creator: the Tori Spelling trope. (40:37) Just what is Shane working on these days? Meet Sham, Shane’s new creation (41:42). We discuss Shane’s most prized piece of memorabilia and just what happened with his action figure collection? (46:12) #talisman #splendor #spacealert #starwars #risk #captainbritain #eddiemurphy #delirious #zoom #torispelling #boardgames #figs Website: www.seanmcginity.ca Meet The Geeks: http://mtgcomic.thecomicseries.com/ @seangeekpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @toddgeek on Twitter @fastfretfingers on Instagram @ToddGeeks Tech Talk on Facebook @the_real_meet_the_geeks on Instagram @podioanthq @mbpodfest
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