Expert Tips for Managing Campaign Overlap in Google Ads | Google Ads Basics Part 4
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In the last installment of the Google Ads Basics series, John discusses the importance of understanding campaign overlap and how it can impact your advertising efforts.

Performance Max shows your ads to Google's full range of advertising channels, so it's essential to understand how all of your traffic (even email marketing) can affect your campaigns.

John also shares the key factors to consider when optimizing your campaigns to manage overlap and advanced strategies for effectively tracking conversions.

He also shares his insights on using data-driven attribution in multiple campaigns and effectively managing overlap with first-click and last-click attribution.

If you haven’t seen the previous parts of the Google Ads Basics series, you can watch it here:

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0:00 Intro | Google Ads Basics

0:39 Understanding Campaign Overlap

6:02 The quality of the users on the other platforms directly affects your conversions

9:45 Even email marketing affects PMax conversions

13:33 What to keep in mind when using data-driven attribution in multiple campaigns

20:55 Use first-click and last-click attribution to manage overlap

21:16 Work with the best Google Ads agency on the planet

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