Sounds On Vinyl
Sounds On Vinyl
Apr 21, 2022
Master, Mastering and Cutting (S6 E7) - Finale
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Welcome to the Sounds On Vinyl show, brought to you by BoozeHound Entertainment.

In this final show of the season (and last with Soren), we talk about a little more fun stuff from last week before diving into the mastering and cutting process for creating vinyl records, including some of the great mastering and cutting engineers.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro

02:28 - Gary Moore Frankenstein (Redux)

03:55 - What a Vinyl Puck (AKA Biscuit) looks like

05:25 - Splatter Vinyl Pellets

06:00 - Rolling Stones - Satanic Majestic Rituals, and how you know the difference between mono & stereo

08:50 - Mastering and Cutting Intro (what it is, and why it’s important)

12:58 - Led Zeppelin II - the holy grail that is the Bob Ludwig master (and how you know if you have/find one)

20:47 - Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox “RL Cut”

21:20 - Rush - Moving Pictures “RL Cut”

22:38 - Kiss - Alive “RL Cut”

23:33 - AC/DC - Back In Black “RL Cut”

24:30 - The Mastering Engineering’s job of deciding how much music to put on each side

26:06 - Half-Speed Masters

27:31 - Genesis Half-Speed Master cut at Abbey Road Studio

28:20 - George Peckham “AKA Pokey”

29:00 - A “3 Sided Album” on a single vinyl record - What? How do you do that? The story is groovy!

30:51 - Deep Purple - Burn (Pokey Cut)

31:00 - Deep Purple - Made In Japan (”Pecko Duck” cut)

31:38 - Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation - “GK Master Disk”

33:06 - The Who - Who’s Next - UK First Pressing (”Bilbo Cut”)

34:46 - Led Zeppelin III - Aleister Crowley quote written in the dead wax

35:38 - Opeth - Black Water Park - Re-Issue’s homage to the great mastering engineers

36:55 - Kiss - Dynasty - “Tone Cut” (UK) vs. “Finsson Cut” (Scandinavia)

39:04 - Justification of having multiple copies, is there really a difference between all these different versions?

42:45 - Dire Straits - “Kevin Gray Cut”

46:00 - The “Big Finale”, Winners of the Code Electro splatter vinyl giveaway

50:48 - The End, Good-Bye’s

52:12 - How to get Soren’s book

53:15 - Outro






Intro & Outro:


Thank you for listening! We love you! Keep Rockin’!

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