Jun 28, 2023
Andrea Slominski, PhD - Regency, Rise of the Feminine Midlife Archetype
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Welcome to Mythic, where we explore meaningful living through the power of myth, including topics that span ancient lore, modern popular culture, and depth psychology. I'm your host, Boston Blake.

Andrea Slominski, PhD - Regency, Rise of the Feminine Midlife Archetype

About Dr. Andrea Slominski

Andrea M. Slominski, Ph.D., is a women's midlife coach, speaker, and author. Dr. A’s coaching addresses the deep work of Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging, which can shift during midlife. In her Ph.D. research and study, she explored the new life stage for women that emerged over the past 120 years. Dr. A. names this new life stage from ages 45-70—Regency—and identifies it as women's new power years. Dr. A. created a proprietary coaching method for women 40+ to guide them through the often-tumultuous transformations of peri, midlife, and menopause. She has shared her passion for mentoring midlife women at conferences, workshops, summits, and corporate events. She is a published author and has given papers and addresses at international academic and cultural conferences.

Since starting her practice in 2015, Dr. A. has supported over three-thousand women through her coaching, mentorship, online gatherings, journals, and Covid-19 support programs.

Upcoming Offerings

1. Reclaiming Your Inner Wild Woman   An 8-week group class

Love "Women Who Run With The Wolves?"Join Dr. A. in an 8-Week curated, deep-dive into the classic book on women’s mythology. We’ll explore the Wild Woman Archetype, and the mythology, folk, and fairy tales in Dr C.P. Estés groundbreaking book. Learn how to reclaim your Wild Woman energy, revitalize, and recreate yourself, for yourself. Learn skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

Pack Runs July 5th. Eastern and Pacific sessions are available. Register and find out more info here

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2. All Women Over 40 Face Seven Realms of Change   An 8-week group class

Join Dr. A. in this transformative eight-week group class that explores the profound changes that women go through during perimenopause, midlife, and menopause.

The physical, psychological, and spiritual shifts of midlife are pre-programmed into women’s bodies, minds, and souls. Because they all happen at the same time, it makes our lives hard to manage!

To conquer these midlife changes and live their most authentic and fulfilled lives women must navigate Seven Realms of Change.

The Seven Realms of Change are a woman’s changing:  Body — Self-Image — Feelings — Needs — Roles — Priorities — Goals

It’s Destiny. It’s an Unavoidable Voyage.

Yet—It is possible to Influence, Direct, and Participate in all these changes!

It is possible to understand what is happening to you and take control of the process.

It is possible to design a map, chart a course, pilot the journey, and choose your destination.

This transformative eight-week group class unlocks how to address the changes of midlife and successfully navigate the Seven Realms of Change.                                 The Voyage begins July 6th. Eastern and Pacific sessions are available. Register and find out more info here

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Key Moments

  • [03:43] The triple shift of women at midlife-physical, psyhological, and spiritual--and what it means that women are living longer than ever before
  • [11:42] What myth can teach us about navigating these transitions
  • [15:36] What is regency?
  • [26:58] Some fascinating statistics on the rise in power of women.

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