Nov 7, 2022
Becca Tarnas, PhD - The Imaginal Realm: Astrology, Mythology, and Middle Earth
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Becca’s Origin Story

Connecting mathematics, mythology, and astrology

A mythic interpretation of the December 2021 Venus-Pluto conjunction. Beauty, sexuality, and the arts meet the underworld extremes.

Beauty and the Beast themes in the story of Pluto and Venus

The story of Eros and Psyche plays out in the sky

New tellings of myth from women’s perspective. Madeline Miller, Natalie Haynes.

Retelling of myths from vilified women’s perspectives as shadow work and integration.

The Queen’s Gambit

The Lord of the Rings as an inner journey into shadow and addiction.

On encountering Tolkien and making the journey to Middle Earth.

How The Lord of the Rings can be applied to real-world experience.

Idealism in the face of waning optimism.

How astrology can support humanity in turbulent times. (Saturn-Pluto alignment as an augur of global conflict and strife.)

A break in the storm Spring 2022-2023

Jupiter-Uranus conjunction as a herald of positive change in 2024. Hidden births.

The influence of Uranus — revolution, insight, technology, innovation

What is the difference between imaginary and the imaginal?

The term **genius** once referred to a spirit that seized a person, but now it is applied to the person. How can astrology apply?q


Stanislav Groff

Esalen Institute

Richard Tarnas


Pacifica Graduate Institute


The Queen’s Gambit

The Bioneers Conference

Matthew Stelzner


James Hillman

Carl Jung

Henri Corban

Samuel Taylor Colridge

Mundus Imaginalis

The Biographia Literaria

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