Jerome Myers, Dream Realization
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Jerome Myers is the preeminent authority of dream realization.

As a believer that dreams can, and should be real, Jerome left corporate America when he realized that his role offered financial gain, but little significance.

He is the founder and head coach of Myers Methods and has been featured in Black Enterprise, Business Insider, and numerous podcasts. 

After building a highly profitable division of a Fortune 550 company, Jerome decided to leave the rat race to get away from what seemed to be the endless slew of layoffs. He has developed a system for exiting corporate America and creating a life of impact. 

Today, he and his company help other apex performers find their calling and live every day on purpose by harnessing the power of his model for a Centered Life, what he calls “the Red Pill”. Jerome and his firms can guide any individual from a monotonous uninspiring existence to a life of fulfillment and impact.

Here is a recap:

Jerome Myers from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the founder of the Myers Development Group, a group focused on the area of multi-family real state investment. Multi-family real state refers to having multiple families living in a single place with the same address but with slight variations, say same building but different mailboxes for everyone. He tells us about his amazing project to help and educate people in the financial realm and how to better achieve their dreams. 

How did Jerome start?

After quitting corporate America, he decided to focus in his dream now that he had the resources and experience. He found out that in order to successfully achieve his dream, he also needed to find the right people to help him. 


At first, despite being an incredibly knowledgeable young man with a great credit record and career, the bank denied him the credit he needed to start because they considered that he didn’t have the experience necessary for that business. Luckily, after some time, Jerome was able to find the right people to not only help him understand more of the business but also partner with and buy the building.


Not only did they buy the building, but made it all the way to the news, Jerome was considered a rising star in business and his dream was finally taking shape. Furthermore, he was able to form some more valuable connections that would help him grow his business.

What is his creative approach? 

The multifamily real estate industry is a booming business for many people. Jerome explains that the way his company goes about it is called “joint venturing”, they form partnerships and buy the properties and in doing so, everybody has an active role in the investment. In a joint venturing, everyone is a business operator rather than just an investor. Thus, they get to be involved in the process beyond just putting in their money having the operators take a fee from them.

“The more time you focus on intentionally building relationships with people who are in the place you want to be or going to the place you want to go, the faster you’ll arrive at that destination.” 

Jerome also talks about how many more great relationships he’s built and how all of them have helped him get to where we wanted to be. People who turned him down at first were now coming back with an offer and he was able to do business with them as well. The method is not simple at all: they find, fund, fix and flip deals. But Jerome decided to not only have business partners but to also educate them through a single goal: make the information that he didn’t have before be available for everyone. All this information is now available through the Myers method.

Four things every investor are trying to overcome:

  • Knowledge and arrogance: They need to know more than just what they heard in a podcast or read in an article. 
  • Deals flip: Leads and deals are spelled with the same letters but they aren’t the same - says Jerome, you need to apply your knowledge with the leads in order to get a good deal.
  • Experience: This was the thing Jerome didn’t have before, and it is important that you find someone who knows their way around the business and can present themselves to the bank to help you get the funding.
  • Capital: The bank will only bring the money if you have an experienced person and since the bank, if offering approximately 80% of the capital, you cannot get around to this step before covering the previous one, because that is the only guaranteed you’ll that capital. 

There is an art and science to everything 

On one hand, there is the are to finding the deals and then the science behind making them happen. Every investment is a math problem at some level, and then when you bring the part element you elevate it from more than a simple trade. There is art in executing the changes, in communication with people, in helping them grow in a system that makes it difficult for them. 

You either sell it or you refinance it

When you refinance it, you take the initial equity out allowing you to have your cash return and invest that in the property thus growing its value and consistently improving it means not only improving the quality of life for the families in it but also gaining more from it. 

The goal

Jerome explains that the final goal of his company is that families have safe, suitable places to leave. They want to do their part in making sure that they are in a great situation, including investing in the things that residents may need. 

Jerome also had a program called Dreamcatchers, where Jerome helps people achieve the things they are dreaming about. Figuring out what to do to catch their dreams and make them happens. He offers mentorships guiding people through the whole journey of people realizing their dreams. Not only does he offer moral guidance but also the resources and even the opportunity to work with him. 

You need to be committed, not just interested 

The way to find your dream won’t be easy, won’t be a straight path. It will be a challenging path, having to accept any changes to overcome the many obstacles presented. The mantra Jerome offers is “I’m willing to do whatever it takes for whoever long it takes in order to make this a reality.” 

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