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Jared says he "took a pretty conventional path to life; studied hard, got good grades, went to a great university, and landed the ‘dream job’ upon graduating."

The only problem was, “who’s dream was I living?”

He soon discovered that I wasn’t meant to follow the conventional path to life.

"I could feel such a strong desire to explore more than what society had taught me on what a successful life should look like. At 22, I decided to ‘retire’ from conventionality and take more control over my life. I quit the career job I had worked so hard to attain and soon found myself working at a high-end sushi restaurant in Malibu, CA. Each night provided me with countless opportunities to network and learn from our world’s rich and famous about the connection between money and happiness. Or the lack thereof."

Then, it was 3 months hopping around Europe, followed by 6 months surfing in Indonesia and studying with Yogis in India. "India provided me with a whole new set of spiritual tools. I couldn’t wait to return to the states and teach others this ancient practice I had just dedicated my life to studying."

“It was then that I was sent the biggest wake up call of my life”

Driving home from work one night, I was hit. Head on. Both my legs broken, scarring all over my body, and lots of trauma. A year in my bed. No where to run, no escaping. Just me and my mirror."

"Mindset. Breathe work. Meditation. Stillness. Silence. Going within. This became my daily practice. This was my medicine. This was the ‘work’ I had been avoiding -- and then came a calling. As soon as I was well enough to walk again, I found myself in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Healing. Learning from Shamans about the power of Sacred Plant Medicine. Connecting back to my ancestors. Connecting back to source."

Afterwards, Jared returned to Los Angeles and moved his entire life to a healing center. He has managed the retreats, taught yoga, created meals, facilitated ceremony, built community, and most importantly, reconnected with self.

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