How Teachers Can Expand Their Impact Beyond the Classroom
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This week, Elana sits down with Lily Jones, a curriculum developer, education writer, and social media strategist. After seven “inspiring and exhausting” years as a first grade and kindergarten teacher, Lily took her passion for innovative education outside of the classroom and documented how she exactly did it. She now empowers thousands of educators to do the same on her website and her community of educators,

In this talk, Lily reveals the many ways to be a teacher inside AND outside of the classroom by sharing tips on how to navigate being a full-time teacher and a “Teacherpreneur” (a teacher entrepreneur) and gives EdTech brands some helpful tips for appreciating teachers year-round.

Episode Skeleton (use this to jump to the parts you want to listen to):

  • 2:30: Lily’s journey through education
  • 7:36: Lily speaks about careers outside of education.
  • 8:25: “Just because you’re leaving the classroom doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact.” (Lily)
  • 13:38: Teachers are not used to charging what they are worth. 
  • 14:30: “It’s not about the money, it is about a precedent.” (Elana)
  • 14:45: “It’s also about realizing your value as an educator.” (Lily)
  • 14:57: The value of being a connected teacher.
  • 17:08: What should brands do for teacher appreciation week?
  • 17:20: “Teacher appreciation is not about teachers taking out their wallets and buying things.”
  • 18:14: You can’t just group “the teacher audience” into a lump sum audience.  
  • 20:28: LISTEN to your teacher audience when they respond to you. Get to know them.
  • 21:33: Brands should think about what they genuinely appreciate from teachers.
  • 21:55: Teacher appreciation is all year long.
  • 23:40: Teachers don’t feel listened to. 
  • 24:44: “Elevating the profession.” 
  • 26:45: Importance of the voice. Who are you and who are you talking to?
  • 28:28: “Every day I come to social media, how can I make somebody’s day?” (Elana)
  • 32:02: What reading is currently refueling Lily?

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