Makin' It In Opera
Makin' It In Opera
Oct 18, 2021
How (not) to make it
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Like many others, I got my opera degree because I loved singing, I loved music, and I dreamed of being in the spotlight.  After years in the chorus and schlepping from audition to audition, it became clear that we had been trained that in order to “make it” in opera, you had to follow a prescriptive path. One that has its artists doing everything they can to fit into a box, rather than figure out who they are, what it is they want to say, and who they want to serve with their art..  No wonder the industry has spent years struggling for relevance in the wider culture.  

The people I’ll talk to in this podcast have followed their art, making it on their own terms. I’ve found that there are many facets to making it on your own terms, and it’s a process with many different outcomes.In this season, all have remained in the music industry, and all are performing. In seasons to come, we’ll branch out from there to explore paths that lead people in all different directions  With this podcast, I hope to contribute to the conversation about how we train artists, so that they can enter the workforce prepared not just to get a job, but to shape their art form

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