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Modern Day Expert
Mar 30, 2021
Your Perfect Person
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Welcome to episode #4 of the Modern Day Expert™ Podcast with your host, Catherine Dove.

In this episode of the Modern Day Expert Podcast I want to talk about an often overlooked, but very important exercise that you need to go through that will help you create a very strong foundation of your online business. 

I'm going to teach you how to identify and understand the mindset of people that will purchase your online products and programs you're working so hard to create so that you can help people build a better business or create a better life. 

I want to help you identify and attract your perfect person. 

  • Your perfect person is also known as your ideal client avatar, your ideal customer, or a buyer persona. I've also heard this person or these people referred to as your target market. 
  • Your perfect person is somebody that's out there looking for a solution to create a better life or build a better business.

If you gather the information I am going to share with you in this podcast, when this perfect person finds you online, they will immediately be attracted to you, your message and what you have to offer. 

You will be building an audience of your perfect people, which, like I mentioned before, and I'll say it again, is the foundation of our entire online business.

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This episode of the Modern Day Expert™ Podcast is brought to you by the Experts Business Club, which is a training, coaching and community membership that is your one stop source for creating, growing and scaling your online expert business.



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