Lombardi Memories
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It's time... for Lombardi Memories.A show that takes you back in time, into January or February, to the greatest one-day spectacle in all of sports. This is the every-other-Tuesday podcast that looks back at each and every one of the 50-plus Super Bowls and tells the story of who wonand why. For the fan who needs more than just a boxscore, this podcast goes drive-by-drive, play-by-play through the most dramatic games in history. Every two weeks, we will take a deep dive into a Super Bowl from days past, starting at the first and continuing through 55. Relive all the big plays, record-setting performances, and famous follies. This podcast will give great attention to detail. How did the teams get down the field to be able to score? What were the big defensive plays that prevented scores? And what plays, should they happened differently, would have affected pro football history? This show also has a school theme. Every episode will start with a pop quiz, where I ask a trivia question related to the Super Bowl. I will also give homework. It's fun homework, though. I will tell you which books to read that are related to the episode's Super Bowl. These are books you'll want to check out at the library or buy on Amazon. So, join me every 2 weeks starting on Tuesday, November 3rd!
Lombardi Memories
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