Lovin' Legacy
Lovin' Legacy
Apr 22, 2022
The Systems We Don’t See (and ones you've never heard of)
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We depend on systems in our life, in our business. Sometimes we don't even know that they exist. This week I'm talking about systems that work well, and systems that sometimes don't work well, and systems that can leave us in trouble if we don't know we depend on them. I also have a pop at Microsoft Excel as well as GitHub!

I'm also celebrating the launch of my 'Own Your Systems' free email course.


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"Systems that are so built into our ways of working that we don't even realise they're not working, sometimes the ones that we don't miss until they're truly gone" RB

"I was lucky enough not to be a middle manager for a very long time. But when that particular role finally caught up with me, I spent a lot of time preparing reports a lot of time converting things from CSV" RB

"In my consulting business, I use online tools, which are aware of 21st century priorities and ways of working. I use tools which save me time" RB

"GitHub is a great example of a high profile system that you've probably never heard of" RB

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