Lovin' Legacy
Lovin' Legacy
Nov 25, 2022
The Power of Test Driven Development (TDD)
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Before I read the book by Kent Beck I was just thinking - pesky tests what are they good for apart from getting in the way? What’s so good about Test Driven Development?

But writing tests isn’t what test-driven development is about. It's actually about designing your code in a way that matches your expectations. It's a powerful technique that, when understood, will transform the way you write code and design software.


Kent Beck - Test Driven Development By Example:


Github template repository:



00:54 - "Because TDD is not about driving development through testing. It's about designing and architecting your application. Through writing tests." [RB]

02:12 - " I find myself going backwards and forwards, making sure I understood every single step and what it meant in that first section." [RB]

03:26 - "And so you carry on writing some more code. And eventually the whole thing becomes a great big ball of string. Lots of code and no tests." [RB]

04:06 - "It's more of a tool for a structured approach to design in the first place. " [RB]

05:07 - "Writing a test helps show that it works. In fact, the word test is really wrong here. It's more of a proof than it is a test." [RB]

06:06 - "Writing code in TDD can initially feel slow and labored but in only a short time, you'll start to notice the benefit." [RB]

06:36 - "This is almost like the reverse Conway maneuver to Goldratt's theory of constraints." [RB]

08:02 - "Whatever we do, there has to be a low barrier to entry for testing." [RB]

08:42 - "And this is the true power of TDD, rather than agonizing over design and architecture and advance" [RB]

09:12 - "TDD is an absolute no brainer" [RB]

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