Loving Legacy
Loving Legacy
May 13, 2022
Interview with Ingrid Lill - Brand Consultant with a Pencil
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This week I'm talking drawing with Ingrid Lill.

Ingrid is a Brand Strategist with a Pencil who use Visual Thinking techniques to help her creative and entrepreneurial clients understand who they seek to serve.

I wanted to catch up with Ingrid after she helped me out with my positioning using her visual thinking techniques to sketch my 'ideal customer' and I realised that this wasn't my ideal customer at all. I talk to her about how she got started with visual thinking and how she has grown her brand and who she works with from CEOs of software companies to non-profit groups to entrepreneurs.

We speak about her background, her methods and technology as well as how using visual techniques help when it comes to deciding on a client, product or service offering for your business.

We also talk about how this works in a group setting and niching down on products and services.


Some more about Ingrid.

Ingrid's template is here and here is an example storyboard

And a link to Ingrid's course Find Your Message.

Donald Miller "Building a Storybrand"

Tim Urban. Wait but why?


"I am the guide who is helping them with my very specific product, which I call a game changer because it's much easier to communicate if you have a specific thing that that you are offering" [IL]

"So I find that personally quite challenging coming from a creative background myself, from an engineering background, well yeah, creating stuff. I like to do new stuff" [RB]

"However, to get it to really fly, I need to be able to put a system in place which enables me to work around it on a day to day basis. I think this is something that both, how can I say, approach in the right way? Personally, I find that I can't do these things in isolation, I have to do them all kind of simultaneously. " [RB]

"If I should define my psychographic people, it's people who have too many ideas. And I help them to map them out on paper" [IL]

“My clients have to be specific about their clients” [IL]

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