Loving Legacy
Loving Legacy
Jul 3, 2023
The QUEST for Better Software: Happier Teams and Happier Customers
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To kick off a new season, I start with a deep dive into the QUEST framework-which-isn't-a-framework. QUEST is a mnemonic that helps you remember essential software delivery tasks. This previews my upcoming "We Are Developers" conference talk in Berlin 2023.

In this episode, I take a view on the Agile Manifesto, the 5 Ideals from the Unicorn Project as well as John Romero's 10 Programming Principles and rewrite them, group them and then provide you with a way to remember how to apply them (and what they mean) every single day whether in your team, for your teams, or your customer.


The Agile Manifesto


The Five Ideals from the Unicorn Project



Scope: ensure that the team can work on a context over which they have complete control. See Team Topologies, see SOLID principles, see DDD.

Flow: Work in small batches with complete mastery of our domain.

Agility: Make our context better every day. Improve our experience.

Freedom: to experiment, to try without fear.

Delivery: provide solutions to customers with minimal possible overhead.

John Romero’s 10 Programming Principles




Kent Beck’s Presentation about Refactoring and Cost of Upfront Design:


It’s a great talk and worth watching. Because it exposes the social side of software development.


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