The Most Important Sneaker Technologies Shaping the Future Right Now
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On Episode 3 of Season 2, we answer questions from YOU and discuss the most important footwear technologies changing the game right now.

But first...

Jacques is not French.

2:30 Answering Your Questions

3:00 How do we manage the many hats we wear?

— Leave the family!

4:24 Balancing family and work and staying organized.

6:12 Nick plugs into The Matrix

7:40 Tiffany doesn’t like hats.

8:00 Make sure the energy you share with other people is good and positive.

8:30 Tiffany’s break from YouTube.

9:40 Jacques on taking time away.

11:00 Disconnecting is okay. 

12:50 The info that needs to get to you will get to you.

13:30 Don’t beat yourself up if you need a day off.

14:00 Think about long-term goals, not daily pressures.

14:48 Graphene hiking boots (

15:25 What is Graphene? What makes it a “super material”

16:10 What about the environment?

17:00 Lightweight versus Durable

18:30 Carbon Fiber versus Graphene - Is Carbon Fiber still used in sneakers?

20:45 The Vollebak Graphene Jacket


23:50 Sneaker apps of the future, here today.


25:20 The smart tech that blows Jacques’ mind.

26:30 The important thing to remember when pushing technology forward 

28:30 Dealing with shin splints through an app?

31:00 Under Armour Hovr and MapMyRun

33:00 Tracking your sleep? Your heart rate?

33:40 The evolution of smart apps

35:40 PUMA’s self-lacing sneakers


38:40 Tiffany’s take on the PUMA self-lacing sneakers

41:00 Comparing the PUMA FI to the Nike MAG and HyperAdapt

49:50 3 Hot Topics in Footwear Right Now


52:00 Being friendly to the environment, what really matters? The after life of footwear.

The world of sneakers is growing and we put together Tiffany Beers, Nick Engvall, and Jacques Slade for a new podcast discussing the latest and greatest. Outside The Box covers the latest happenings in all the things that we do from three unique perspectives shaped by nearly three decades of experience.


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