Benny Scholder & Dan Feferman
Jewanced is hosted by Dan Feferman and Benny Scholder, two guys who grew up in America and live in Israel. They're curious. They want to discuss. They want to challenge popular conceptions, they want to think critically, examine independently, and most of all, they crave nuance. Each episode features a different guest. All interesting and original people who strive to break boundaries. Together with Dan and Benny, take a deep dive into politics, foreign affairs, religion, science, technology, food, the arts, business – you name it. Explore the nuanced crossroads of Israel, the global Jewish experience, and beyond. What's the goal? To create a daring platform where people share their stories, insights, creations, and visions. Jewanced has no talking points, no script, no agenda...just a deeper nuanced understanding of our existence. Join them on a journey as they explore, think, debate and discuss …. And most of all, listen.
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