Feb 4, 2022
#60 Dr. David Gurevich - Archaeologist & Expert on Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple Period
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DIG into history on this week’s episode of the show as Dan and Benny explore ancient Israel and the turbulent times of the 1st Jewish State and its destruction with guest Dr. David Gurevich, an archaeologist and expert on Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple period.

Dr. David Gurevich is an archaeologist who studies Jerusalem and the Second Temple Period. His doctoral dissertation focused on the large water pools of Jerusalem and established the link between the Jewish pilgrimage to the Temple and the water management of the city.

In 2014-2015, he was awarded the Fulbright Fellowship and became a post-doctoral scholar at Harvard University. In 2019, he published his co-edited volume Exploring the Holy Land that explores the story of the 19th-century British Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF), the scientific society that sent the first archaeologists to the region. He also studies the First Jewish-Roman Revolt, a topic of his chapter in the Sefer Yerushalayim volume of Yad Ben Zvi. Dr. Gurevich is a member of the Archaeological Council of Israel. 

Dr. Gurevich also researches Antisemitism in the Orthodox Church. He established the academic program ‘Ambassadors Online’ at the University of Haifa, which trained students to become unofficial diplomats of Israel. In 2017-2018, he worked in the Jerusalem Municipality as an officer-in-charge on the relations of the city and Christian institutions. He is frequently invited to speak on Israeli matters on various forums worldwide, and also works as a tour guide who guides enhanced excursions on historical themes and geopolitics.


Dr. David Gurevich can be contacted via email at

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Follow his Facebook group הרצאות וסיורים עם ד''ר דויד גורביץ (Hebrew only) where you can learn about the archaeological history and heritage of the Land of Israel and the ancient near east, as well as join upcoming tours led by Dr. Gurevich.

Click HERE for a selection of academic publications by Dr. Gurevich.

BUY ‘Exploring the Holy Land – 150 Years of the Palestine Exploration Fund’, a book co-edited by David Gurevich and Anat Kidron

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