Episode 19: Shadows | The Gods are Dead - The Gods are Dead
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It is said that 300 years ago, in the year Bedlam, Divine Magic died. There were temples and churches to Gods and they suddenly closed their doors forever. All we know is we have no record of prayers being answered. “Monsters” then took advantage of this power vacuum and began their hunt.

Now the races that supposedly made war against the world have become peaceful…mostly. Some people do not believe Gods ever existed and Divine Magic is a myth. Some people believe the Gods are not all gone. We are scrappers just trying to survive. Whatever you believe, the result is the same. We are on our own.


Music in this episode is provided by:

Tabletop Audio - tabletopaudio.com


Cast and Crew:

Dungeon Master: Meghan

Terry Ten Toes: Greg

Char: Marinda

Edge: Matthew

O'Cire: Or'Rin

Executive Producer: Meghan

Executive Producer: Justin

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