Are You Idealistic or Individualistic in Your Relationships?
Play • 25 min

We've been inundated from a young age that "the one" exists. That there's this magical person who is perfect for you and who you will grow old with. You know, the one that you'll have the house with the white picket fence with. This is idealism and it may look different depending on the culture you grew up with, but we all will have some version of it.

On the flip side of this coin is individualism. Questioning what a relationship should really look like. Following the path of resistance rather than the one that was carved out for you. Checking in and acknowledging that you are in fact a separate person with thoughts and emotions.

In this episode we'll dive into:

  • What idealism and individualism is as they pertain to relationships
  • How to find the balance between the two
  • Pressures both internally and externally that can sway you in either direction
  • Checking in with yourself to get what you need
  • Navigating these concepts with your partner

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